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Here Are Different Kinds Of Web Design SEO Services And How To Pick The Right Ones For You

web design seo services
The SEO industry is expected to reach nearly $80 billion in 2020. It’s clear business owners are investing in SEO services.

As a business owner yourself, you want to put some money behind SEO efforts. Your question is about which SEO services are worth investing in.

You have no shortage of options, whether you want to focus on local SEO or organic SEO, on-page or off-page services. One area you should concentrate on is web design SEO services. Your website is the centerpiece of all your SEO efforts, after all.

In this short guide, we’ll take a look at some of the different types. We’ll also share some tips for picking the right services for your business.

On-Page Web Design SEO Services Look at Visible Elements on Your Page

This is likely one of the most familiar types of website SEO services out there. On-page SEO focuses on visible elements on each page of your website. Familiar elements include:

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Headers
  • Content

When you’re looking at web design, you want to be sure you can customize each of these elements to support SEO. It’s one of the best reasons to use a custom design for your website.

Good web design will also help you optimize the display of these elements. Beautiful headers help organize your page and make it more attractive to the eye at the same time.

Technical SEO is Built into Good Web Design

Another of the types of SEO services you’re likely to run across is the technical SEO service. This service looks at the back-end elements of your website. These include:

  • The efficiency of your code
  • Your website’s speed
  • The security features you’re using
  • How mobile friendly and responsive your site is

These factors can have a significant impact on your SEO efforts. What’s more, is that web design SEO services take them into account too.

Good design works to make your code more efficient. At the same time, it considers your website’s performance on mobile devices. Both of these factors can contribute to speed.

An SEO Audit Prepares You for Better SEO

Before you overhaul your website to put an SEO strategy in place, you might want to conduct an SEO audit.

An audit takes stock of your site as it exists currently. A team of SEO professionals will create an inventory of the site, mapping it out. They’ll then make recommendations about how you can improve what you’re doing.

They’ll also look at your pages, assessing them for things like loading speed.

The audit is a great first step toward creating an SEO strategy for your business.

Deciding on SEO Services for Your Business

Now that you know what some of your options, you’re probably wondering how you can choose.

If you’re starting to map out a new SEO strategy, the audit is a good step, as we said. If you’re not using a custom design, you may want to look at the technical aspects of your website. If you’re happy with your current design, optimizing on-page SEO might be the right choice.

If you’re still not sure what web design SEO services are right for you, get in touch with us. We can help you assess your needs and make the right selection for your business.