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Websites: Your Corner of the Internet

I tend to look at websites as being your own personal space on the internet. Or, if you will, your corner of the internet. It’s very important to have a well put together site that is advertising what you are doing. Be it music, business, video games, videos of you doing the worm, etc. You want your website to totally express who you are and maintain the visual appearance of a well groomed website. People will go to your website, and it is going to be representing you as an individual. This is your section of the internet. You might as well make it totally awesome, right? Let people know your name, and be proud of your space! Own it!

Here is an example:

Let’s say you and your buddies are into filming and video editing and you want to create your own website to debut your amazing video of cats and dogs doing Gangnam Style. Albeit your video is a one way ticket to internet fame, you need to make sure that your website looks great, and is memorable. When this video goes viral, thousands of people will be flooding to your website to learn more about you. It’s vital that the website is easy to use, looks nice, and is well managed. If not, people will not want to go to your site, or share it to other people, even though your video is the best video ever made. Ever.

It’s great to have a successful video, but don’t let your website be a one-hit wonder. You want people to come back to your website and watch your other videos. You want them to become regular visitors and best of all, fans!

To sum it up, what I’m saying is it’s important that your corner of the internet is visually appealing and really shows who you are. An awesome website can take you many places. Job offers, creating your own company… anything!

Take advantage of this, and make your corner of the internet, the most interesting corner anyone has ever seen.