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What You Should Know About Google’s Page Experience Algorithm Update

Google is always making adjustments to improve search results for web users. This is a good thing, in theory. But the frustrating aspect for business owners is that these adjustments may make it difficult for websites to maintain or improve their website rankings. For some, it seems like things change just as soon as they get a handle on the best practices they should be following.

Even more challenging is the fact that we may not always know when Google makes these changes until after they’ve happened — and even then, they may not be officially confirmed. That’s not the case with one of Google’s upcoming algorithm updates, however. We know that Google’s Page Experience algorithm update is set to take place in May 2021. And since we know at least some of what Google will be targeting with that update, that means we’re in a better position to prepare for what’s to come. Here’s what you should know about this impending update and how our custom web designers can address your concerns ahead of time.

What Is the Page Experience Update and Why Does It Matter?

Google makes thousands of changes to its algorithm every year. Some are so small that they may not impact your site at all. But others may have big effects on your search rankings. Since the first organic web result in Google search receives 32.5% of the traffic share, these algorithm updates do matter quite a bit. If you fail to follow Google’s best practices for custom design websites or search engine optimization, you may find that your site’s been penalized after an update has rolled out — and that may require some work to fix.

Custom website designers and digital marketers alike are buzzing over Google’s Page Experience update. This update is focused mainly on the experience a website (and, indeed, a specific page of a given website) provides for internet users. We’ll cover a few specific ways that you can work with custom web designers and developers to prepare your website for this update in the next session. But overall, you’ll want to provide a speedy, consistent, and easy-to-navigate experience for web users on any device with your site in order to retain or improve your rankings after this update takes place.

How Can Custom Web Designers Help You Prepare For the Update?

It’s a good idea to work with a provider of website design Clearwater businesses can trust to get your site ready for this update. Your designer or developer will likely focus on a few key areas, including site loading speed and performance, interactivity delay, layout shifts, mobile-friendliness, safe and secure browsing features, and intrusive pop-ups to ensure your site doesn’t present any barriers for the user. In particular, custom website designers will pay attention to Google’s new Core Web Vitals, which are good indicators of site speed and overall performance and will play a major role in calculating rankings.

While we don’t yet know how many sites will actually be impacted by this algorithm update, we do know that we aren’t always given an opportunity to prepare sites for these changes. As a result, you’ll want to do everything possible to get your site in tip-top shape for algorithm adjustments. For more information on how our team can assist you in readying your site for this update or others in the future, please contact Studio98 today.