What’s color got to do with it?

As a designer, I work hard to choose the right colors for a design. I try to spend extra time looking through different places to get an idea of what colors I should be mixing into my design.

While many companies come to me with a color palette in mind, there are some who are looking for some inspiration and direction. With color being the number one design element our eyes see first, it is crucial to choose a cohesive color palette. A good color scheme has a mix of light and dark colors. This provides contrast. Color is also a tool used for organization, so it is important to stay consistent. It gives emphasis on certain elements, and contributes to create hierarchy within your site.

If you are feeling stuck when it comes to color choices, there are several sites that I go to in order to help in finding the right color scheme for a company.

If you are designing your own site, or working with a professional company to get it designed, realize that colors play an important role in communicating a mood or emotion as part of a site.

This can be a key part of connecting with your visitors and getting your message across.