Why A Cover Band Will Never Get Famous

Who is your favorite cover band? Here in Austin, there’s a little group called “The Fantastics.” They play 90’s music, and dress like a bunch of geeks. It’s a fun time, for a night out with your friends.

Have you heard of them?If you’ve never been to Austin,I am betting you haven’t.However, I’m sure you’ve heard of almost every band they have covered. Why is that?The world loves original ideas. Nothing is better than the original. Take a look at Coca-cola, for example. When you walk down the soda isle, you will see many knock offs, but nothing beats Coca-cola.

Your website also needs to be original. You will never get the results you want if you decide to copy someone else. Even if you are copying a great website from a great company, it was designed to reach their goals, not yours.

You need to design a site that speaks to your audience, working towards achieving your targeted goals.Anything less is a cover of the original work. It may get you some attention, but the way to become truly memorable to your audience is to create something uniquely your own.