HELP! Why Aren’t People Clicking On My Ads?

With 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, companies across the digital landscape are all vying for your clicks. They’re hoping your clicks convert into sales. This is so important to them that they’re willing to invest impressive sums of money in pay per click marketing (PPC marketing), bidding against other companies for clicks on ads that they ultimately pay for.

PPC marketing, in the grand scheme of things, is a company building ads that they’ll pay for potential customers to click on. If hundreds or thousands of people click on those ads in a given day, week, month, etc. you can imagine how costly it can become. Of course, this cost is measured against ROI in that they’re hoping money spent on ads is eclipsed by website sales, conversions, or whatever their PPC marketing goals may be.

Whether Google PPC, Facebook PPC, or any other paid ad supporting platform, PPC management has numerous facets. There is, however, one thing that ads have to effectively do at the base level: you must have ads that make people want to click on them.

It’s more difficult than most people think. We’re going to identify some reasons your ads might not be grabbing peoples’ attention.

  • People are confused: No one will click on your ad if they don’t have a solid sense of what you’re advertising. For this reason, simple, clear language strung together in brief phrases is most powerful. The simplest formula for ad writing is using specifically targeted keywords, a benefit your product gives consumers (preferably a unique one), and a strong call-to-action. If someone doesn’t clearly understand what you’re offering them, they’ll merely move on to an ad that does. And one thing you should never doubt is the attention span of people web browsing.
  • People aren’t missing out: Where’s your sense of urgency? Remember, in PPC marketing, when someone searches, they have plenty of options in ads to click on. Why should they want to click on yours over another? What are you offering that another ad doesn’t have? Free trial? Discount? Perks? A limited time offer? People love freebies and are more apt to click on something that offers an incentive to click. The fear of missing out — FOMO — is a powerful social influencer and this remains the case with consumers in PPC marketing: create click FOMO.
  • People are bored: Cool it on the romanticism, James Fenimore Cooper. You’re not here to depict the deepest details of natural scenery. Neither are you here to spell out a product narrative. Your goal is to use a few powerful words to create specific interest in your product. Beyond that, you’ll lose more interest than you’ll gain. Less is more in ad creation.

Again, the world of PPC marketing goes far beyond effective ad creation, but the psychology of ad creation is infinitely important to your bottom line. Attract those clicks. If this seems overwhelming and you’re looking for some expert PPC management to help boost your online ad presence, the PPC team at Studio98 has your back. Let’s talk ads. Give us a shout.