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Why Should I Care About Website Branding?

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Running an online business takes a lot of work but you can never overlook your branding. This essential website component is easy to gloss over in the grand scheme of things but this tactic is vital for building your reputation among your consumers and competitors alike.

Whether you’re establishing an online business or ready to give your website design a facelift, here is how branding can help your company thrive.

The importance of branding

In simple terms, branding is how your website presents itself online. This includes your custom web page designs, but it also encompasses the language and tone your company uses, the logo for your business, and the reputation your company maintains. For example, Facebook’s branding relies on a blue and white color scheme, heralds customer service, and uses simple, concise language to appeal to a variety of consumers. On the other hand, a satirical business like The Onion will use heavy amounts of sarcasm on each page to engage viewers. It’s because of their branding that we know what to expect from each business.

How can I improve my company’s branding?

Branding helps extend a company’s vision to the reputation they seek to uphold. But it isn’t as easy as changing a few images on your website. Here are some of the top tips used by online businesses to integrate their branding:

  • Extend your purpose: What does your company hope to achieve? This simple yet exceedingly complex question will help drive your branding vision when you contact a web design and SEO company. After all, it doesn’t make sense for a law firm to brand itself as a sarcastic, aloof company. Rather, you want to appeal to the concerns of your audience and offer a helping hand. Website design services will help establish custom web page designs that extend your company’s “why” to every link on your site. This aspect of consistency is vital when building your brand.
  • Choose a great logo: Your logo is the identifying characteristic for your business. This is the image that will stick around in the mind of your audience when they think of your company. There have even been games and apps developed to match a company’s name with its logo — this just shows how important investing in a custom logo truly is for your company.
  • Emphasize consistency: One of the most important parts of your branding strategy is being consistent. This means using the same color palette across your website and social media channels, relying on the same layout for each page of your website, and using a similar writing style for your blog content. In fact, it’s estimated that 81% of marketers claim blog content is an important strategy for online businesses. You just need to ensure your tone and language isn’t all over the place.

These are just some of the strategies a full-service marketing company will use to improve your branding. For more information on the benefits of custom web page designs, rely on Studio98 to transform your business.