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Why Your Website is My Baby Too

Often times when a project is very dear to someone you will hear them refer to it as “their baby”. As a project manager I do this quite often when discussing my projects with my peers and even with my clients. It sounds silly but there are many reasons why I think your website is my baby too and why you want your design company to think like this!

First of all I care about your website as much as you do every day. Managing a web project is what I do day in and day out and each of my projects I care about seeing from beginning to end. In the end this website is going to represent your company as a whole but it will also represent my design company too. So I care about the design, the functionality, and the ease of use for your future growth and expansion. When picking a design company you want them to care about your website as if it was their only project because that’s how you know it’s getting done right.

Second of all, like a baby, building websites involves planning for the future. This just means that I care about your project and am going to let you know if something isn’t working right, doesn’t look right, or may not be the best or easiest thing for you to manage in the future. Ideally you want your design company to be focused on making sure your website will last you several years down the road. Your website will grow and change over time so what you want to focus on is not only how your site can accomplish what you need for today but what can it do for down the road.

Finally because I care so much about your site and project I may seem like I am demand a lot when working on a project. Things like getting approval on designs, getting your content finished and getting a site launched. I’m doing this because your website is being built to reflect YOU and the only way to do that is get it out there in the public. Your design team will push you to complete your site not so that you are rushed but because having a finished product that represents you in the best way possible is our ultimate goal.

All in all when picking a design team you want to know that they care about your project as much as you do. You want to know they will stay in communication with you, will help you build a site that you can grow with, and help you stay on track to show that baby…I mean website off to the world.