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Your Web Presence: The Whole Package

The world we live in revolves around package deals or “combos”.

When you go to buy a new computer you usually don’t just buy a keyboard. You usually get a computer with keyboard, mouse, speakers, warranty etc. These are all things you need to make your computer complete and operate how it needs to.

When it comes to your online presence you need the WHOLE package. Getting a new website and a face lift is one piece of the equation. You need much, much, much more.

How do you get people to come to your website? How do you capture visitors in a way that can result in qualified leads? How are you connecting with your audience and integrating social media into the plan? These are some of the questions that one should ask.

To start you will need the marketing resources to accomplish these activities in order to form an effective marketing plan. The total dollar amount spent on marketing is in the billions. The average salary for a marketing director is currently in the 6 figure range. Not every company is made of money, so budget and personnel tend to dictate your results.

Just to be perfectly clear, having a Marketing Director alone isn’t enough. You need a Marketing Department. You need a team to work out and execute the marketing plan necessary to generate more leads and revenue. They will need to assess your industry, your competition, and figure out the right “combo” and package of tools that will get the job done. It should then be executed within THAT one department. Additional ongoing costs for tools like the Adobe Suite, hosting and maintenance for your website, a budget for Pay Per Click, content writers, and designers for print material, really do add up.

We have created our very own full service marketing department for hire as service to help remedy this problem. If you are currently struggling with how to market, or hiring a marketing department you should reach out to someone that can provide you with the WHOLE package.