5 Perks Of Hiring A Custom Web Developer

custom web developer

Your company’s website is vital in the digital age. We live in a world where searchers will leave your website within seconds if they aren’t impressed by what they see.

So, how do you make your website the best it can be? Instead of trying to guess what the answer is, you can work with a professional custom web developer to figure it out. These developers are around to help businesses make websites that convert visitors into leads, and leads into customers.

It’s understandable if you’re hesitant about working with a web developer. However, before you make any big decisions, here are five big perks of collaborating with a custom web developer.

Perk 1: You Will Have A Well-Designed Website

The biggest perk of hiring a custom web developer is that you know you will get a well-designed website. You will work with the web developer to create a design and layout that works for your company and its goals. Having a well-designed website is crucial for your company’s brand. Many people will visit your website, so it’s important to make a good first impression right away.

Also, having a well-designed website will save you time on website maintenance. A properly maintained and updated website can often go six to seven years without needing a rebuild. If you have a well-designed and well-built website from the start, you won’t need to worry as much about website maintenance later on.

Perk 2: Your Website Speed Will Be Faster

Your website’s speed plays a part in your site’s overall SEO. If your site is taking a long time to load, people will most likely leave it, which will increase your site’s bounce rate. A high bounce rate, combined with a slow site speed, can negatively impact your visibility online.

If you work with a custom web developer, you will work with a professional to build a custom website that has great site speed. The developer will know site speed best practices, so you don’t have to do all the research on your own.

Perk 3: Your SEO Rankings Will Go Up

There are a lot of factors that influence your website’s SEO rankings. Your site’s overall design and function is one of the biggest factors. By working with a custom web developer, you work towards building a custom made website that will rank on Google.

Web developers do more than just design websites. They make sure your website runs properly and shows up organically in search. They will make recommendations on how to increase organic visibility and get your site to the first page of Google.

A custom web developer will play a big role in your SEO team, so it’s important to hire one that has a good track record. Luckily, many developers offer website design and SEO services. Do your research on these developers and reach out to the ones who you think will help reach your goals.

Perk 4: Your Website Will Be Mobile-Friendly

Having a website that is mobile-friendly is critical to its success. 60% of Google searches happen on a mobile device. The more our phones evolve, the more important it is for a website to be mobile-friendly.

A custom web developer will explain why you need a mobile-friendly website and how to make it so. You can have the best service or product in the world, but if people can’t find you when searching the internet on their phones, you simply lose out.

Perk 5: You Will Save Time (And Money) In The Long-Run

Companies must keep website maintenance and upkeep a priority. A big way to ensure a website is properly running is by working with a custom web developer. Developers will work with your website staff to create the best online experience possible for your visitors. This means you won’t have to do as much website maintenance in your busy workday.

Also, working with a custom web developer from the beginning will save you money in the long-run. Fixing a broken website can be a huge unexpected cost for a company. If you work with a custom web developer from the get-go, they will ensure your website is the best it can be in both design and functionality.