Here’s Why Your Mobile Landing Page Design Is So Important

Did you know that mobile web browsing has overtaken desktop?

That’s right.

So, what’s the point in spending time and money driving traffic to your website if your landing pages don’t work on mobile?

There is no point.

If you want your landing pages to convert, they need to be responsive on mobile – fact.

Keep reading for all the details on why your mobile landing page design is so important.

It Creates an Important First Impression

If people are searching for a product or service and hit upon your site, there’s a decent chance they’ve never heard of you before.

Your landing page is your first opportunity to sell yourself and showcase your brand values.

A page which works seamlessly on mobile shows that you’re modern, reliable, and able to do a great job. A page which only works on desktop makes you look amateur and out of touch.

Getting it right first time is essential because it only takes seconds for a user to click away to a competitor.

It Has the Power to Generate Conversions

Well-designed landing pages are guaranteed to boost conversions for your business, helping you reach more customers and make more profit.

Pages which are quick and easy to use on mobile will generate more conversions than those which are cumbersome and difficult to navigate.

Awkward form fields which require you to zoom in and out? Don’t expect many responses.

Quick signup form which takes seconds to use on any device? Get ready to capture some awesome leads and make some sales.

Good mobile landing page design could be the difference between winning hundreds of new customers or driving people away forever.

It Can Generate Valuable Insights

Want to know more about what makes potential customers tick?

A well-made mobile landing page can give you tons of valuable data and insight into how customers behave. You’ll have the option of carrying out A/B testing using multiple different page designs to see which performs best.

Let’s say you display two special offers on your pages, each worded or displayed differently. You’ll be able to compare the number of clicks on each, helping to inform your future campaigns.

Is your landing page long and full of text? Get insights into how long most people spend on the page to decide whether or not you should shorten things.

One simple landing page can generate tons of really useful data, as long as you’re ready to capture it.

How to Win at Mobile Landing Page Design

Mobile landing page design could make or break your success and drastically affect the value you get from paid ads.

A good landing page will be easy to navigate on mobile, it won’t take long to fill in any forms, and you’ll be tracking metrics to decide when to make changes.

Poorly-designed pages will be unattractive, badly-formatted, and difficult to navigate on mobile.

With the drastic increase in mobile traffic, you simply can’t afford not to optimize your landing pages for mobile.

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