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How Many Agencies Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb?

When it comes to getting something done I believe in the most direct and high quality approach to completion (doesn’t everyone?). When you add committees and large amounts of red tape, it’s been known to slow down a project and even lower the overall quality.

If you liken a web project to a Special Forces mission you can see that sometimes less is better.

Could you imagine an entire battalion marching towards a super-secret location to carry out a super-secret mission?

The mission would probably fail.

The same thing tends to happen when building a new website, especially when you are working with:

    • A Web Design firm
    • SEO Companies
    • Marketing Firms

It can be a lot of people to manage (and yes, you do have to manage them). Here are some key rules to follow:


If you are going to have a large team, it important that roles are assigned and adhered to. If the Marketing Company company is going to create some brochures, get them to do it, don’t show it to your Web Design firm to second guess it.
Everyone has opinions. Opinions are like… noses, everyone has one. Opinions can easily be disguised as “educated feedback”. Its important to look at the source of this so called “educated feedback”. I wouldn’t ask a pastry chef for feedback on a hotdog. So asking an SEO company if the color scheme of a website is good, wouldn’t make a lot of sense.
With all of these agencies at your beck and call how do you manage this? Use a game plan. Get your Marketing Firm to compile the logos and written material that will be used on the website. Pass these over to your Web Design Firm, allow them to design, program and build your website. When that’s done it makes sense to have the SEO company help with their part. Having a plan like this keeps these agencies from stepping on each other’s toes and allows for a smooth steady flow forward.

Following the rules listed above can save you time, money, and improve the project’s chances for success.