How to Build Your Brand With Better Web Design

Your brand identity plays an essential role in your public perception and your ability to stand out from the competition. But while developing a killer marketing strategy is important, you’ll also need to consider how your website helps — or hurts — that strategy.

It’s not enough to merely have a website. In the digital age, your website needs to represent your business in the very best light. In fact, your site can do a lot to support your branding efforts. But if you don’t prioritize impeccable design, you could do your brand a huge disservice.

Sites that aren’t updated typically need repairs or upgrades performed in one or two years. But even if you stay up-to-date with your website maintenance, you might be missing out on a branding opportunity with your current web design. Here are a few considerations for website design Clearwater businesses should keep in mind for improving their brand identity.

Prioritize Consistent Design

Any custom design website needs to provide consistency for visitors. That means that the navigation and layout should be cohesive from page to page, but so should your messaging. Don’t be afraid to be a bit repetitive with your custom design website; rather than giving each section its own personality, every page should look like it belongs to the group to project a uniform concept of your business.

Select Colors Wisely

Personalized website design allows you to have full freedom with the visual appearance of your site. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with the color scheme you choose. The colors you choose for your custom built website should reflect what’s in your logo and other marketing materials. Additionally, you should make sure the color psychology makes sense for your industry, your customers, and the mood you want to set for success. This is a great way to capitalize on customer emotions — so make sure you choose wisely and select colors that support what your brand is all about.

Show Your Personality

It’s important to have an attractive and functional website — but the design also needs to reflect your brand’s unique voice and story. Customers are drawn to brands that allow for connections on a human level. By identifying what makes your brand unique and working with reputable website design services, you can translate those elements into design features that will draw your audience in. Your brand isn’t boring, so your website shouldn’t be, either! Just make sure that every design decision you make supports your brand essence; that will allow you to build a custom design website that serves a greater purpose and highlights what makes your business different from your competitors.

It’s difficult to market your business without a website — but your website also needs to align with your brand strategy and marketing campaigns. If your site could use an upgrade or you’re having issues with conversions, we’re here to help. Contact Studio98 today to learn more.