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Why get a “custom” website

Why get a “Custom” Website

When should you use a website with pre-designed elements, like our Starter Showcase websites and when should you choose to go all out and get a fully custom site, built from scratch to fit your exact needs?

In the majority of cases when you are looking to rebuild your website, it’s easiest to use a program like our Starter Showcases. But if you fit any of the following criteria then a custom, built-from-scratch Showcase website would be a better fit.

  • If you have a very exact and particular vision you want to see with your website. Especially if it’s not something you’ve ever seen before on a website

  • You don’t know what you want but you want to make sure it’s something no one has ever seen before in a website

  • You already have a website that works well and you want to rebuild to reinforce all of your successful points and eliminate any pieces that don’t fit exactly for you.

  • You prefer an extensive design review process before any building occurs to ensure that you know exactly what is being done before it is built.

If you fit into any of the above points, then you should definitely be looking at getting a custom built Showcase website.

We go through a very detailed process to ensure we understand your brand, your target market and your services/products and value proposition.

We then select tailored images and designs to uniquely communicate these points to your visitors. Once this is designed and approved we’ll build exactly to those specifications and get you your new Showcase website.

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