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What is Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a service where you generate interest in your products and services through the use of email.

Email is still the #1 most cost effective way to generate leads for your business.

Depending on the level of email marketing you get with our business, it can include:

    Depending on the level of email marketing you get with our business, it can include:

    • Importing all existing email identities who have subscribed to your lists.
    • Improve email captures on your website.
    • Paid ads to drive potential customers to subscribe to your lists (included when doing email marketing and PPC services).
    • Writing emails that will be sent out to your mailing list.
    • Reviewing analytics to see how people are responding to the emails and adjusting the strategy accordingly.

    We have used just about every email marketing service out there and found that they were all lacking something. Having your email marketing service completely separate from your website and other marketing services/tools doesn’t make for an efficient service. We realized that if we included email marketing into the same login portal as you can manage your website and CRM, that it would be far more effective for you business…so we did it.


    Email Marketing is the most trusted form of communication with 77% of consumers choosing email over other forms of communication.

    Benefits of Email Marketing Can Include:

    • Increase Sales
    • Increased Client Loyalty
    • Generate Leads
    • Produce Additional Repeat Business
    • Reduce Marketing Costs


    This service level gives you access to use our tools, but you will be the one building the emails, sending them out to the lists, then reviewing the analytics to find out what is working and what is not.

    Although our platform is very simple to use, for some people, they would prefer to focus more on running their business and having us help them with that. For that, we created the full-service email marketing plan.


    This is the level of email marketing where we will actually take care of the whole service for you. We will come up with ideas for the emails to go out, write the content, design them and send them out. We will periodically review the analytics to try to consistently improve the performance of your email marketing.

    Contact us to find out how we can help improve your leads through our email marketing service.