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Keyword Research 101: Your First Steps To SERP Nirvana

One of the most basic building blocks of premium SEO is content. Good, relevant content that users derive some manner of value from is what drives marketing. In turn, professional SEO revolves around content. Of course, good content isn’t haphazardly spewing words onto a blog page, hoping it’ll do the trick. Developing content is a strategic art.

In fact, content marketing is so highly valued because it generates about three times as many leads as traditional marketing. Every professional SEO firm will tell you that a pivotal part of any content strategy is keyword research. Let’s run through the essential basics of keyword research and learn why it’s so important.

Sheer, Staggering Search Volume

Internet Live Stats clocks in the number of Google searches every year at 1.2 trillion. With 2019 being Google’s 15th birthday, it’s important to fully appreciate how the company has matured over the years. With 1.2 trillion word searches every year, not strategically targeting words that you want to rank highly for within your industry is simply not an option.

Knowing Your Customers

Whatever your niche is, it doesn’t take a full-service marketing firm to tell you that knowing your audience is greatly beneficial to your business. Thoughtful keyword research is vital among premium SEO services because you’re really finding answers to an important traffic driving question: What are the people interested in my product going to search for? From there, we consider what words they might use, what they may be interested in watching, listening to, reading, etc.

Language and SEO Are The Dynamic Duo

The rate at which language changes and Google’s search algorithm changes are both essential to bear in mind. When those changes are happening simultaneously and you want your business to remain relevant on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), methodical keyword research has to be consistently performed. You’re writing a balancing act for human beings and a search engine.

Dancing the delicate steps between a human audience and one of the most powerful technical infrastructures on earth can be daunting. Your website’s first stage to getting to the top of the results pages in your niche starts with learning that dance. The first steps in that dance? Keyword research.