Running a Small Business? Here Are 3 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes and How To Fix Them

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Business owners, especially small or family-owned businesses, use digital marketing more than ever in our connected world. Business owners know that digital marketing is critical to obtaining new customers; many have invested significant capital into building their marketing programs from the ground up. However, owners will make common digital marketing mistakes, often with their personalized website design or SEO choices.

Mistakes will happen and can always be corrected, especially in digital marketing. Here are the three most common digital marketing mistakes and how to fix each one:

Not Hiring A Custom Web Development Company

Busy owners will often put together their own websites quickly and inefficiently. This is done to keep overhead costs low, but these sites are not always attractive to customers. A website has only three to eight seconds to actually catch a potential customer’s attention before they leave the site. Without a custom web development company available to code and to use as a design resource, many business owners are actually losing potential customers. This is a common mistake, but is easily fixed! A custom web development company will give expert recommendations about the best layout, widgets, and lead forms to reach your target audience and convert customers.

Not Having a Mobile Friendly Website

The majority of searches, especially for younger generations, happen on mobile devices. A business owner that doesn’t have a custom website design that is mobile optimized is losing customers. Many busy business owners overlook how important mobile is. This is because most use their website as auxiliary to their business, rather than central to their overall marketing strategy. Other businesses might want to appeal to a different demographic entirely and ignore mobile altogether. This is a big marketing mistake that can be corrected by consulting a custom web development company with experience in designing mobile-friendly websites.

Not Using Local SEO Services

Not all professional SEO companies offer local SEO services as part of their packages. However, local SEO is extremely important to small businesses that rely on neighbors for the brunt of their customers. Many businesses rely on their local reputations, such as a roofing company that has been family-owned and operated for 30 years. A well-established business may already have a professional SEO provider, which is important to all digital marketing strategies, but not all providers are skilled in providing local SEO services. If your provider doesn’t offer local SEO, it is important to find a company that does.

Since digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape, with constant updates, improvements, and new technologies being introduced, mistakes will happen. Luckily, fixing these mistakes is made easier by hiring professionals to handle your digital marketing.