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The Biggest Web Design UI Trends of 2020

The technical possibilities for website design services seem endless in 2020. Just one quarter into the year and designers are already reinventing popular styles to create bold, new designs. But some styles like flat illustrations and minimalism remain the same.

It’s good to stay on top of the latest web design and UI trends to ensure your own website isn’t falling behind with an outdated style. Here are some of the more popular web design and UI trends we’re seeing so far this year to inspire you to make some of your own unique changes.

Hand-drawn elements

Minimalism and flat design have had their claim on web design for years. Because of this, hand-drawn design elements with imperfect touches have been helping newer website designs stand out from the crowd. These imperfect elements bring a sense of humanity and realness to modern websites that online users find visually appealing.

Floating elements

Floating elements with soft shadows take minimalism and flat design to the next level. Subtle shadows help illustrations and elements look less flat and more expressive. Floating elements build on minimalism while creating a 3D effect that adds interest and depth. “Floating” can be used for graphics, text, and photos.

Streamlined navigation

Streamlined navigation styles have been gradually making their way to the forefront of UI design trends, and today they’re officially taking over. Streamlined navigation makes sense because not every online user arrives at your homepage first.

Most online users come to your website via search engine. In fact, businesses that use a blog have 434% more search engine-indexed pages than those that don’t. Depending on your SEO and PPC management, Google may supply any of your webpages to an online user. Streamlined navigation styles offer more room for content.

Lots of layers

Overlapping layers have been giving modern websites a 3D effect with greater depth and dimension. Overlapping layers can include multiple elements such as boxes, backgrounds, images, video, text, or user interface elements. The trick in this trend is to make sure that the layers not only overlap but also flow through the whole scroll of the design.

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