3 Cringeworthy Website Mistakes A Custom Web Development Company Can Fix

In the time we’ve been around as a custom web development company, we’ve seen some pretty awfully designed websites. We’ve saved a whole bunch of them, too. There are certain things that can make or break a website and they can sometimes slip through the cracks.

Luckily, you have a custom web development company around to let you know what’s what, so here are some common web design flaws that we’ve remedied.

  • You’re Trying To Get Too Fancy: Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Site templates exist because they’re proven to be effective. If you try to make your site overly complex or intricate, your desire to stand out may backfire and drive users away because it’s outside of the norm that most of the millions of online searchers are looking for. Simplicity is everything and if something isn’t broken, why try to fix it?
  • Responsive Design: It’s 2019 and the simple truth is that most people are making their online searches from a smartphone. If your website is built only to be easily navigable on a computer, you’re going to lose a lot of potential visitors due to clunky or incompatible mobile design. Sites must be built to respond well to a variety of different devices to be competitive.
  • You’re Frustrating Your Visitors: This has several different facets and people have incredibly limited attention spans. In fact, the average attention span of an online shopper is eight seconds. If your website isn’t loading fast enough and directing visitors to what they’re looking for within that time frame, they’re going to navigate elsewhere (to your competition) and find it faster. Fast site load speed, simple navigation, inoffensive color schemes/font selections, easy-to-find contact information, and clear, intuitive site direction are all things that will keep visitors attentive and less likely to be frustrated by your site’s design.

Good custom website designers know that the key to successfully customized websites is making things easier for the people who visit. We’ve been talking long enough about the importance of user experience and this is pretty much what this boils down to.

If you’re looking for help with your website’s design, the custom web designers at Studio98 are happy to look over your site and discuss improvements. Contact us and your site will be on its way to keeping visitors engaged and attracting even more than before.