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Is Optimization Worth It?

Unoptimized code introduces unnecessary kinks and slow-downs I have probably spent hundreds of hours optimizing different aspects of our business. If the purpose of optimizing is to save time, reduce workload, and everything else that goes with it (including stress),...

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SEO Do’s and Don’ts

In talking with a great number of people about their websites and their plans for driving traffic to their site, I’ve noticed a great number of unethical practices in the field of SEO specifically that a number of businesses are falling prey to. It’s heartbreaking to...

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The Rise and Fall of Traditional Media

Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, web-based media is rising to fill the role of newspapers and magazines. Within the last decade, the total number of paper-based newspaper subscriptions has dropped off a cliff;whereas, the average number of daily searches on...

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How to Stand Out in the Crowd

Over half of companies in the United states have a presence online, and this statistic is growing every day. How are you making sure your website stands out in the crowd? 1. Start with Good Design The first thing a visitor will notice about your website is the design....

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The Key to Sales

When you’re in the middle of the sales process, it’s difficult to stop and try to figure out why it’s not working. Recently, I was showing our product to a lady that I thought would be an easy sale. But try as I did, I could not bring her interest up for the product....

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Good Code is Code You Don’t See

Let’s talk for a second about web design. Specifically, the phrase “design” and how it relates to solid code and the difference between a website that feels really professional, and one that looks nice, but feels awkward. So what is “design”? Let’s look it up....

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