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The Many Benefits of Backlinking

A custom web design and SEO company knows the importance of providing quality backlinks to your site. These helpful links connecting multiple websites are vital in establishing yourself as a valuable source of information across the web.

Here are some of the top benefits associated with using backlinking as a part of your premium SEO services.

Benefit 1: It can improve your domain rating

As stated above, one of the top benefits of backlinking is that it can improve your domain rating in an organic way. Google algorithms love to use domain rating as a type of page authority ranking. The higher your domain rating, the more trusted your webpage becomes in the eyes of consumers, businesses, and search engines alike. Passing this “link juice” between trusted pages looks great for everyone involved. You can always link to an untrusted site, but you’d want to include a “no follow” link to stop that SEO juice from impacting your website.

With high domain rating comes a slew of other benefits. Most notably of all, pages with high domain ratings are more likely to appear in search queries across the web. Luckily, online lead generation services will know which links work for your business and which should be avoided.

Benefit 2: Brand visibility and awareness

Sharing links with trusted sources is a great way to showcase your brand to new audiences. Reaching out to a relevant website to feature a guest post on their site means that you will be tapping an audience that has never seen your work. Even though these guest post links are often used once per website, this link outreach effort is also enabling your company to make business connections. You may not know how these connections help you right now, but they can be valuable tools for the future.

Benefit 3: Faster indexing

When Google’s crawling index bots discover a new page of content on a company’s website, they will follow any backlinks present on the page. This includes any links connecting back to your site. With great backlinks, Google is more likely to crawl your site often, making your website easier to rank and discover.

This organic form of SEO marketing is a vital tool used by SEO and custom web design services. In fact, more than 72% of marketers claim that content creation is the most effective SEO tactic for online businesses. For more information on how backlinking can help you, contact the custom web design team at Studio 98.

The Energy Behind Energy Professionals


Located in Clearwater, Florida Energy Professionals helps companies around America save thousands if not millions of dollars on energy costs through their energy consultation services and providing unique and tailored energy solutions.


The Problem?

Not getting enough leads, Energy Professionals was faced with finding  online marketing solutions to 3X their sales. While they had all the solutions for energy efficiency, they needed a company that not only knew how to get them more leads, but who could also provide a full strategy and layout and communicate results every single month.

Just a few months ago, their CEO and President, Jim Mathers, contacted Studio98 to manage their marketing campaign and to help drive in more leads.




The solution…

A completely new website, including a custom web design tailored to their industry, and an SEO marketing campaign that includes full site optimization to align with keywords and key search results to maximize leads. Weekly blogging to increase their SEO standings within search engines and building their number of referring websites to raise domain authority.


As Ben Zimmer said, “The proof is in the pudding”

Last month, Energy Professionals saw a 22% increase in website visits, with over 85 website visits every single day for an average of 2 minutes each visit. And a total of over 5,000 page views.

In search engines, they now show up on Google’s first page for 3 key search terms and have increased a total of 3,796 ranking positions for 10 targeted keywords in the last 90 days.

The results, Studio98 is rapidly growing Energy Professionals online presence so they can reach their goal of 3Xing their sales.

What Skills Should My Custom Web Design Company Have?

When it comes to choosing the best custom web design company, there are many to choose from. On top of that, many seem to have the characteristics you’d like from a premium web design service. But choosing a custom web design service it should always come down to the skills of the company.

Here are some of the top skills your custom web design services should have.

Knowledge and experience

Just like you wouldn’t hire an amateur to build your house, you wouldn’t rely on a novice SEO company to build your website. When you want to invest in premium website design services, you need to ensure your website design and SEO company has a long track record of successful, happy clients. Be sure to check the credentials of a business before you hire them for custom web design services.

SEO optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the best strategies to grow your online traffic organically. Through the use of a variety of tools, including keyword management, pay per click marketing, backlinking, and more, a website design company will help your website flourish. SEO is essential in targeting specific audiences through keyword optimization.

Experience with mobile-friendly applications

If a company’s custom web design services don’t highlight the need for mobile users, look for another web design agency. Because more people are searching for goods and services on their phone, traffic will leave your site if you don’t implement a mobile-friendly website.

In fact, the number of mobile search users is expected to increase to 221 million by next year. It’s no wonder that mobile search advertising expenses are expected to surge. Ensuring that your online business is mobile-friendly is pivotal in turning leads into sales.

Attention to your needs

Web design services aren’t a one-size-fits-all mission. When you want a website that caters to your business’ needs and goals, you need to rely on a web design company that has a commitment to its customers.

A good web design company will be sure to utilize custom software that’s tailored to your company’s needs, including plug-ins, data tracking services, and more. A proper company will take the time to hear your needs, learn the goals of your business, and craft a website that works for you. Otherwise, the goals of your business simply can’t be achieved.

Picking a great web development and SEO company can seem like a challenge, but Studio 98 has the skills necessary to get the job done right. For more information on our custom web design services, don’t hesitate to contact one of our professionals today.

How a Newly Updated Site can Boost Your PPC Sales

Utilizing a PPC, or pay per click, ad campaign is a great way to gain the attention of new leads. When used correctly, your PPC campaign will inevitably turn your leads into sales and sales into profits. But if your leads are inspired by your ad only to find an ugly website waiting for them, you’re not going to get these essential sales.

A great ad can only take your customers part of the way before your website and skills have to speak for themselves. Here is how a newly updated site can help drive PPC into more sales.

Pay per click management: How does it help me?

PPC marketing is one of the best ways online businesses gain the attention of internet users. Pay per click management teams typically targets Google Ads or Amazon PPC campaigns through the use of bids on specific keywords relating to your industry. Maximizing your ad spending and adjusting bids are just some ways to manage a successful PPC campaign.

Finding the sweet spot between bid adjustment and the correct keywords can be a difficult task for many small business owners. That’s when a great professional SEO firm with experience in SEO and PPC management can help.

Why a custom web design is a necessity

Your pay per click management team will do a great job bringing in more traffic to your website. But if your online business isn’t optimized or updated for a modern audience, your sales will stop right there.

For example, more than 51% of an online business’ traffic will come from a smartphone. Should a lead click on your ad only to be met with a website not optimized for mobile traffic, they’re more likely to leave your site. Updating your website to account for the new modes of browsing is just one way a custom site design can improve your conversion rates through PPC advertising.

It’s also essential that the keywords that are being bid on in your PPC campaign are relevant to your website. You need to update your copy to streamline your SEO strategy by using relevant keywords and phrases. This will ascertain that your website is visible to specific sales paths, appealing to certain audiences along the sales funnel.

For more information on pay per click management, don’t hesitate to reach out to Studio 98. We offer the best in SEO services, pay per click management, and custom web designs. Allow our team of experts to help boost your conversion rates today.

Reasons It’s Silly Not To Have Google PPC Advertising As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Web design and SEO service companies across the world have plenty in common, but nothing so salient as this one irrefutable fact: everyone’s vying for top spots and multitudes of clicks on Google’s search engine. Wondering why Google pay per click marketing (PPC) is so important to your company’s marketing strategy? We’re here to let you know.

Google PPC marketing exists on Google’s AdWords platform. From which, billions of companies are bidding on one thing: clicks. Google PPC marketing strategies know that among the billions of people searching for things if those people click on a certain ad and end up on a certain website, it will likely lead to a sale.

Why is Google PPC so important? You probably already have an idea or two.

Google Is Huge

Calling Google huge is an understatement. The word Google was added to the Merriam Webster Dictionary as a definition of searching for information through the Google search engine. When people need to know something, they Google it. Want to buy something? Google. Curious about nearly anything? Google will find something. It’s because of Google’s vast reach that Google PPC advertising is so important. If your ads are on Google, you’ve already exposed your website to billions of people across the planet. Why would you skip out on that?

Easily Tailored Product

Google PPC advertising can be customized to the liking and budgets of companies of any size. There are so many data points that you can apply to your Google PPC marketing campaigns that it can seem overwhelming. However, the ability to tailor their advertising platform to the specific needs, targets, budget, size, goals, etc. of your company makes it an incredible tool to have at your disposal. The best part is that it can grow with you and change with you, too.

Complements SEO

Professional SEO marketers know the dynamic power duo of good SEO and a well-formed Google PPC campaign. Sometimes first page ranking with SEO alone is a difficult thing to achieve. With Google PPC advertising, your chance of hitting the first page of search results increases greatly. Use the two together to ensure your product gets the exposure it needs.

Google gets approximately 63,000 searches per second. It’s silly, and almost harmful, not to have viable Google PPC advertising to take advantage of this as part of your marketing strategy in 2019. Not sure where to start? The premium SEO services and digital marketing know-how of Studio 98 are here to help. Contact us and let’s get your marketing strategy on the right track.

Why Are Google Reviews Important to My SEO Rankings?

Everyone knows that Google is the most popular search engine site on the world wide web. Along with getting over 63,000 searches per second, the corporation is also one of the largest targets for digital marketing efforts across the globe. Quality reviews are just one component in getting your website higher search rankings as a part of your premium SEO strategy.

Here’s why your business should start taking Google reviews a little more seriously.

It makes your business look trustworthy

Google reviews play an important role in making your business look like a trustworthy source of information, both in the eyes of Google and your consumers. Many potential shoppers and customers will choose whether or not to patron your business after reading reputable reviews online. While you might trust the opinion of your friend, trusting the unbiased opinion of a third party will encourage even more consumers to patron your business.

On the other side of the coin, Google is more likely to notice businesses with higher reviews, both in terms of volume, quality, and diversity.

This is a vital component in your SEO strategy. According to Moz data, around 9% of Google’s search algorithm is impacted by new consumer reviews. With enough positive reviews, your business could even show up in the coveted “map pack,” which displays location-relevant businesses pertaining to a consumer’s search query. But even if you don’t make it into the map pack, Google is also more likely to recommend websites with highly rated reviews. This is because Google places a higher value on websites that are trustworthy within their field. If your custom website utilizes keywords, has good reviews, and buys strong ads, you’ll look better among other businesses and clients, alike.

It’s easier to find your business

People use Google all the time to find new businesses to patron. The higher you get on Google’s search results, the more likely people will click on your business’s website. In fact, it’s estimated that the first organic hit on the search engine page will receive around 32.5% of the traffic share. With quality reviews driving your business your search rankings, this organic SEO will help bring your business to the top.

It can showcase your commitment to your customers

Even though negative reviews don’t look great, this is a wonderful opportunity to prove that your company is willing to learn from its mistakes. When a bad review rolls through your website, this gives you the chance to rectify a bad situation. Address your customer complaints and explain how your company will improve and apologize for the experience your customer had with your company.

Did you know that over 93% of purchases begin with an online search? When you want to improve your rankings on Google, you need to utilize premium SEO strategies that work for your business. For more information about the benefits of Google reviews and custom website design services, rely on a premium SEO company you can trust: Studio 98.

Ecommerce Trends to Consider for 2019

When it comes to appealing to the masses, your online business needs to stay on top of market trends. Spring has just arrived and now is the perfect time to rehaul your SEO strategy and website design with premium SEO services.

But what market trends should you look out for? When you’re ready to grow your business and gain new customers, try these ecommerce trends that are expected to dominate in 2019.

AI and chatbots

While people have admonished the widespread use of chatbots before, innovation in this web program has made it a welcome force in terms of digital marketing. Instead of a business utilizing their employees to answer simple questions, an experienced web design professional can integrate automated responses using keywords. Custom web designers can also enable these bots to redirect you to an employee when a larger issue comes up. This clears up the calendars of your employees, enabling them to work on more important tasks.

B2B commerce

Business to Business companies are expected to witness a surge of growth throughout 2019. After all, online stores make it easier than ever for businesses or order bulk products and niche services. As more businesses integrate their company operations with cloud storage options, communicating with partners across the globe is more streamlined than ever before. It’s vital that your company utilizes premium SEO services to target B2B operations in 2019.

Environmental awareness

Consumers and businesses alike have begun to realize that their products are impacting the environment in increasingly negative ways. For environmentally-friendly business, this has become a huge marketing and branding factor for their business.

Consumers have started looking at a company’s packaging process, whether they’re investing in locally-sourced goods, and the potential for recycling programs. It’s estimated that 80% of customers will perform product research before making a big purchase. When you want to showcase your business’s environmentally-friendly attitude, a good web development and SEO company can help you stand out among the crowd.

Are you looking to stay on top of digital marketing trends in 2019? Rely on premium SEO services you can trust: at Studio 98, we know how the importance of your ecommerce website. Allow our SEO website design services help your company today.

SEO Strategies That’ll Make Construction Websites Stand Out In A Crowd

About 14 million small businesses in the United States have invested both time and money into SEO because they recognize its value. If you’re not among that cohort, we’re here to change your mind.

Among small business, every product, service, and good is different, thus optimizing construction websites will be different from optimizing online shops or food blogs. SEO isn’t all created equal and every niche has to exploit different things to reap the benefits of good optimization. We’re going to explore what construction websites need to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd.

Targeted Keywords

The beginning. Construction websites across the country have all sorts of different specialties, services, etc. If your specialty is exterior remodeling, but you haven’t optimized your keywords beyond “construction”, you open yourself up to wasted traffic. Target your keywords to strongly focus on the services your construction company provides. This way you are avoiding traffic looking for something more general or services you don’t provide.

Good Niche Content

Content is still the king of SEO. Construction websites need to focus their content on being an industry expert on whatever niche is their specialty. We emphasized the word good because just churning out subpar content won’t cut it. Google is too smart and your search rank will suffer if your content is haphazardly hashed together. Make it relevant to your audience and your services, and make it beautiful.

Local Search

Few construction companies are national and the ones that are aren’t worried about smaller companies in the search ranks. Thus, whatever locale your construction company works within is where you should target. Local search is important because without optimizing for local search, someone in Maine might land on construction websites that only serve Greater Los Angeles. And that is a wasted lead that you could’ve optimized away from your site by local search audience targeting.

Are you looking for a professional SEO firm to help you build a website that stands out? We knew it, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. From custom website designs to PPC marketing and everything in between, the full-service marketing professionals at Studio98 are here to help. Drop us a line today.

SEO 101: What You Should Know About Lead Generation

When you’re trying to grow your online business, your most important goal is lead generation. Though this term is tossed around the marketing world, countless small businesses and new start-ups might not know what this entails.

If you’re one of the many looking to brush up on your SEO skills, here’s what you should know about lead generation — and which strategies can work for your business.

Defining lead generation

Lead generation consists of two parts: the lead and generating these leads for your business.

In its most simple form, a lead is a person or company that has shown interest in your services and products. In some cases, a lead may be expecting to hear from your company. A lead is more concrete than the customers you reach out to through cold calling. Rather, a lead has already bypassed the cold calling and searching stages performed by online lead generation services. Once a lead has expressed interest, you can get them on the phone for a warm call.

Lead generation is your company’s attempt to get these leads in the first place. Cold calling a potential customer is one form of lead generation, but the person you’re calling doesn’t become a lead until interest has been expressed on their end. This differentiation may seem innocuous, but understanding the difference between a lead and the consumers within your audience can help your business run more efficiently. When it comes to grabbing leads, online lead generation services are often outsourced so that a company can focus on the customers they already have.

How do I generate leads?

There are many different ways to generate leads for your business; after all, it’s what digital marketing is all about. When you want to grow your business, here are a few ways you can improve your lead generation:

  • Cold calling and email marketing: This is one of the most popular and long-lasting forms of online lead generation services. This involves reaching out to companies and businesses that may want to invest in your products. Unfortunately, this form of lead generation is hit-and-miss, since you’re contacting prospective customers, not identifiable leads.
  • Improving the look and efficiency of your website: Investing in personalized web design services is a great way to streamline your company’s website. More often than not, your website’s homepage is the first thing your potential leads will see when researching your company. As such, you want to ensure that they get a good impression of your business from the first click.
  • Investing in SEO: Around 61% of marketers say improving their SEO strategy was a top priority in 2017. In 2019, this goal hasn’t changed. Organic search results using keyword optimization and backlinking is the best way to naturally gain potential leads when your consumers utilize a search engine.

These are just some of the ways lead generation services can benefit your company. For more information on premium SEO services, lead generation, and more, rely on the web development and SEO company you can trust: Studio 98.

5 Simple Reasons to Hire a Custom Website Designer

Custom web designers work hard to ensure your website looks as good as the products and services you provide. Whether you’re sprucing up your old website or starting from scratch, the benefits of hiring custom web designers cannot be overstated.

Here are some of the top five reasons you should invest in a custom web design company when you want a website that works.

It’s unequivocally unique

When you opt for custom web designers, it’s guaranteed that you will have a unique, beautiful website that expresses the branding of your company. This can help your website stand out from the rest of your field. Better yet, it ascertains that your customers receive a carefully crafted user experience that helps you meet your objectives.

You’re not constrained by web templates

Website templates and web-building sites simply aren’t able to give you the freedom of expression that a custom website design company can offer you. Because custom web page designs aren’t constrained by the settings of a template, you’re able to streamline images and styles that aren’t available to your otherwise.

If you have a vision for your website but aren’t able to translate your ideas online, working with a professional web designer can make your dream come to life.

It has high marketing value

Custom website designs are also more search engine-friendly than website templates, enabling your online business to get crawled by Google more often. This can lead to higher search engine results and give you a higher domain rating over time.

Brand recognition is also essential when it comes to building a custom website for your business. As your business grows and changes over time, it’s up to your brand to maintain your company’s image. A custom web developer can help your site grow when your business flourishes.

You can focus on more important aspects of your business

Building a beautiful website is seemingly impossible when you have countless other tasks to attend to. Between maintaining customer relationships, leading experiments, and managing employees, the last thing you want to worry about is your website.

Stress less by relying on a custom website development company to do the heavy lifting for you.

It will have fewer bugs

Building a custom website by yourself might open the door for bugs without the proper protection. By hiring custom web designers, your site won’t suffer issues with updates and potential malware. In fact, sites that aren’t updated regularly will often need repairs in one or two years after its launch.

When you’re trying to build a website, don’t go it alone. Instead, rely on the web development and SEO company you can trust: Studio 98.

The Top SEO Trends Of 2019 That You Should Be Using

We may already be a quarter of the way through 2019, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to shake up your strategies for search engine optimization. Changing up your SEO strategy is essential when Google is receiving more than 63,000 searches per second every day. Good SEO tactics can be effective at any time, but in a constantly changing digital landscape, the most basic step is knowing what those effective strategies are.

Let’s take a look at what the best SEO strategies will be for the rest of the year.

Focus On Content Quality

Content has long reigned as king in the world of SEO, and it will only continue to do so this year. However, the biggest difference for 2019 will be that Google is focusing its attention on evaluating the quality of the content and at the depth of a website’s content in general.

The latest Google algorithms will rank sites based on more than content with relevant keywords; instead, Google wants to see content that is actually fresh and useful to its industry. Rather than creating content with just the purpose of keeping your blog alive, try turning to an SEO and web design company that can ensure your content is simultaneously keyword-focused and useful.

Interlink Your Pages

Another foundational block of SEO is strategic linking. While backlinking can be a tricky thing to manage between other sites effectively, interlinking only uses pages on your website. This gives you complete control over it.

Whenever you add new content to your website, you have the opportunity to link to other relevant pages on your site. You’ll want to be sure that the existing pages on your website contain internal links to your new content. When you use SEO web design services, the professionals will ensure that all of these links use keyword rich anchor texts.

Get Your Maps Listing

An experienced SEO and web design company will also know the importance of utilizing Google MyBusiness. By using this feature, you can get your website listed multiple times on Google. When people search for your business, the MyBusiness listing will pop up first with your company’s contact information, reviews, location on a Google map, and any pictures associated with your business.

Even better, this listing will link back to your website. If you don’t work with a professional SEO firm and your website isn’t ranking well on search results pages, people will be able to still find your site easily with this listing.

No digital marketing strategy is complete without effective SEO strategies. Contact Studio 98, a trusted SEO and web design company, to find out how experienced professionals can optimize your website today.

3 Reasons Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

Smartphones have become an integral part of life for most Americans. We use them every day to communicate with friends and family, check the weather, make online purchases, book appointments, and much more.

Smartphones have become so intrinsically tied to daily life that many people use their smartphones like they’re using a standard computer. As such, they expect the websites they visit on their mobile device to work as efficiently as they do on those larger screens. This is just one of the multiple incentives regarding why you need a mobile friendly website.

Discover more important reasons why you need a mobile friendly website and you can start bettering your business today.

  1. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites
  2. It’s essential to cater your website to the preferences of search engines, and Google is the most authoritative engine of them all. The Google algorithm change in 2015 started to prioritize websites in the search results page that are mobile friendly over those that are not. Be sure to use SEO web design services to optimize your website so that you appear at the top of the results page for both mobile and non-mobile users.

  3. Improved user experience
  4. In this modern age, people are accustomed to easy-to-use and fast-loading webpages. As this is the new norm, users will show no hesitation in leaving your website for one that works better or loads faster. In fact, your website has just three to eight seconds to catch a customer’s attention before they abandon it for another. A custom web design that is built for mobile devices will give you the fast loading time that you need so that you’re more likely to capture the interest of users.

  5. Gives you an advantage over the competition
  6. Depending on your business, your competitors may or may not already have websites optimized for mobile devices. In a recent survey, about 68 out of 200 retailers didn’t have a mobile ready website. Each one of those retailers is at a disadvantage compared to their competitors because they likely aren’t getting the business of mobile users. Check out your competitors’ websites to gauge where they are with mobile optimization and then contact a custom website design company to put your site ahead of the pack.

There are billions of mobile users across the world that you could be reaching about your product or service, find out how to optimize your site, Contact Studio98 today.

How Does PPC Work? The Newbie’s Guide to Paid Digital Marketing

How does PPC work, anyway?

Pay per click advertising is a massive industry. In 2017 alone, 7 million advertisers spent over $10.1 billion on PPC ads. It begs the question: why are so many people spending big bucks on this form of advertising?

The easy answer? It works.

The more accurate answer? It works if you know what you’re doing. Fortunately, it doesn’t take an MBA to master the fine art of PPC. All it takes is some research and a little bit of practice.

What about you? Are you ready to increase your leads and sales? If so, jump on. This train is headed to your destination, first stop-PPC fundamentals. Read on.

How Does PPC Work?

To understand how PPC works, we first need to agree on what it is. The idea is to create an ad that is put in front of a target audience. The audience views your ad on their desktop or mobile browser.

If they’re interested in learning more, they click on your ad. Their browser then redirects them to another site which gives them more information on your service or product. At least that’s how it first began.

It’s recently morphed into something altogether more sophisticated.

Elements Involved

Google AdWords and Facebook PPC ads are the two most popular PPC services. When you run an ad campaign on either of these services, you must create the following assets:

  • The Campaign: a group of ads and ad channels based on a theme
  • The Ad Group: a group of ads related to the campaign
  • Keywords: used to determine who the ads will be sent to
  • Ad Text: the copy used in the ad itself
  • Ad Graphics: graphical elements in the ad itself
  • Landing Page: the site to which ads send visitors

You should have all these elements in place before you bid on your keywords, which we’ll explain in the next section.


When you build your first PPC campaign, you must bid on each keyword. You’re bidding against others who want their ads displayed in front of viewers searching for the same keywords.

Say you bid $0.10 on the keyword “brown leather women’s shoes.” If you win your bid, your cost per click will be $0.10. Each time a viewer clicks your ad, you pay $0.10.

Fortunately, you also set a spending limit per day. If you want your ad displayed in front of 5,000 people, each person would cost you $0.10 for a total of $500.

Other Options

In recent years, services began offering options to marketers hitting prospects at other parts of the sales funnel. You can do things like increasing your brand recognition by using non-clickable ads. You can also place your phone number in front of viewers instead of redirecting them to another website.

A whole slew of options exist. At least one for every part of the sales funnel. The benefits of PPC are many, with new options being added yearly.

What’s Next?

We’ve answered the question, “how does PPC work?” Now it’s time to weight the results. Is PPC worth it for your business?

If you’re willing to learn the process and have a few dollars to experiment, then hopefully your answer is yes. If you don’t have the time, you can also hire a pro to take over. They can bypass the learning process and jump straight to the money-making portion of your strategy.

Did you find this material helpful? Then please drop by our library to view our huge assortment of digital design, development, and marketing articles.

Facebook Isn’t Enough: Why Small Businesses Need a Custom Built Website

When you’re first getting your business started, there’s so much to consider. Between your business plan, your funding, your initial marketing, and more, you’re stretched as thin as it gets.

In all the chaos, many business owners decide they don’t have time for a custom built website so they stick to a Facebook business page instead. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but that won’t cut it. Here’s why a website is worth your investment.

Why Your Small Business Needs a Custom Built Website

As important as it is to be on social media, an individual website for your business is a necessity as well. Here’s why.

Professional Image

One of the most important reasons to have a website is because it gives you credibility. In this day and age, customers expect all companies to have their own websites. If you don’t, customers won’t take you seriously as a professional company.

A custom built website also gives you the ability to control your image online. It’s one of the most important ways to brand your business and it’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a collection of strategies that allow you to show up higher on search engine results.

For instance, if you’re an exterminator, have you ever wondered why your competitors’ websites show up before your Facebook page when you Google “exterminator near me”? It’s because of SEO.

A social media page offers next to no opportunities for SEO. With a custom built website, on the other hand, the possibilities are almost endless.

You can optimize each page for specific keywords, add a blog that you update every week or so, and much more. As an added bonus, you’ll look more professional if it’s your website that customers find in search results rather than your Facebook page alone.

Have One Centralized Location

In this digital world, you should think of your website as your digital storefront. It’s the one centralized place where customers can go to find out about your business.

You might be using your Facebook page for this purpose right now, but it’s not enough. With a Facebook page, you can’t go into much depth about the services you offer, and details of your industry, and other factors that play a crucial role in your customers’ buying decisions.

Instead, a business website gives you a central place to fill with all kinds of great information. It will also help you focus your digital marketing efforts better because you’ll have a centralized place that everything will link back to.

Creating Your Online Storefront

It might have been optional in 2000, but now that we’re heading into 2019, a custom built website is an absolute necessity. For practicality and for your reputation as a professional, building a great website is one of the best actions you can take for your company.

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling with your new website, contact our web design experts to find out how we can help.


7 Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website in 2019

On average, people are spending 5 hours on their smartphones a day. And no, it’s not all just YouTube cat videos (though there is lots of that).

More than half of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when searching on their smartphones.

Having a mobile-friendly website in 2019 isn’t just a good idea – it’s imperative. Read on for 7 reasons why your company needs one.

1. Your Customers are Using Mobile Devices

The number 1 most important reason you need a responsive website is that your customers are using their mobile. 57% of all web trafficis done on mobile devices.

More than half of your customers are checking you out from their smartphones. What kind of experience are you giving them?

2. Build Trust

Here’s that same percentage again. 57% of online users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website.

Yes. It’s that big of a deal to have a mobile-friendly website. It’s silly to risk losing customers and referrals based on something you can easily fix.

3. Be Competitive

If having a responsive website for mobile devices isn’t a top priority for you, beware. Your top competitors have probably already made sure that their site is mobile friendly.

And which business do you think your customer is going to choose when browsing from their smartphone?

4. Amplify Your Visibility

One of the best things about having a mobile-friendly website is that you can reach a wider audience.

Responsive websites make online sharing simple and so your web visitors are more likely to share on their social platforms.

Plus, mobile-friendliness is a ranking symbol on Google. That means that mobile-friendly websites appear higher in search results.

Having a responsive website is a free way to rank better on search engines. Why wouldn’t you want to take that opportunity? The more organic search results, the more leads and conversions – it’s as simple as that.

5. Keep Their Attention

In our instant, digital age, people now have a shorter attention span than goldfish. Sad but true.

One aspect of a mobile-friendly website is that it loads quickly. You can’t afford to have a website that takes longer to load. Your customers will click off your page in a heartbeat.

In fact, more than half of mobile web visitors will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Don’t lose a large chunk of potential customers. Make your website responsive.

6. Better Browsing Experience for Your Visitors

What’s the main difference between mobile friendly and responsive websites and those that aren’t?

The customer’s experience. A mobile-friendly website gives your website visitors a visually appealing, enjoyable encounter with your company.

Site navigation is simple and intuitive. Sharing content is natural and easy. Best of all, the site loads quickly and the text is easy to read and fits on the small screen.

7. Make it Easy for Customers to Contact You

The more convenient it is for customers to reach you, the more likely they are to do it. Having a mobile-friendly website means that your email address and phone number are easy to find and clickable.

All your customers have to do is click and the phone will start ringing. This is better for your customers and for you because it will likely lead to a sale.

Final Thoughts on Mobile Friendly Website

Thanks for reading! we hope these 7 reasons why you need a mobile-friendly website have convinced you to make it your top priority.

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