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Your Bad Salesman

We are going to relate your website and presence online to a salesman, because, well it is.

Your website is a salesman representing you 24/7, 365 days a year. He is always there.

The idea that today you just have to have a website is not totally accurate. You have to have a website that truly communicates who you are to your potential customers. It has to represent the essence of your business and you.

Here is an example which will make it really clear.

Let’s say you own a jewelry store and you have spent the last 15 years building a great store with a great reputation with local people. You work hard to ensure your store is clean and people have a great experience.

But out front you have a salesman wearing ripped jeans, messy hair and has BO. He is doing his best to try to get people in your store. But it doesn’t matter what he says (the content on your website) if he isn’t someone that people want to talk to (the look of your site).

Your website is not the place to try to get the cheapest possible solution because it is a place where you can lose more opportunity than you ever know. You don’t have to get the most expensive, outrageous option either. You need to get what you truly need in order to “wow” people when they come to your site. You want their impression to be, “Wow, I want to do business with this company.”

We came up with a name specifically for this to separate it from all the other websites out there, a Showcase.

How do you know if your site is the exact right salesman to represent you?

1. Think about how often people mention that they were impressed by your website, or this comes up in conversation when they are talking with you.

2. While putting yourself in the shoes of one of your customers, look at your website again and while being completely impartial (it doesn’t matter that your cousin made the site) see if it really makes you go “wow”.

If not, I highly recommend you replace that 24/7 Salesman with someone who people really want to talk to, so your message can get through in the first place.

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