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Content Writing/Branding to get the “Showcase”

Content Writing/Branding

Every website needs to have written content to ensure that it properly communicates.

Even our Starter Showcase Websites include a review of your website content to ensure it is up to standards. You can see the basic process here.

When you’re investing in a full Showcase website, however, you need to take a wider look at your content to ensure that you are properly communicating in every way possible.

The goal when doing a Showcase website is to ensure that all of these items forward a strong communication of you and your brand and that this communicates to your target audience accurately.

We help review your color scheme, your logo, your positioning in the market relative to your competitors. We also review your social media presence and associated sales collateral.

This means that when doing a Showcase website project we may also include re-branding and designing your social media profiles as well as your newsletters, sales sheets, etc.

The end product will be a consistent message with all of your communication to really establish and forward your brand and message to your intended audience.

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