Showcase Your Business

Your website is the virtual face of your brand, and it has the critical role of capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression. In fact, over 90% of customers use websites to form their initial opinions. That’s why you need a completely customized website design to go beyond the ordinary and stand out from the competition.

Your business is special, and it deserves the best website. At Studio98, the focus is on creating tailored sites that showcase your uniqueness and attract potential customers. Our team goes beyond aesthetics, focusing on creating a seamless user experience that drives engagement and conversions.

Websites Built for Performance

Many businesses tend to face unique challenges in today’s fiercely competitive landscape. That’s why we design and develop each custom showcase website from scratch. After all, websites that are tailor-made to suit a business’s image and vision will better engage visitors and turn them into potential customers. With our custom showcase package, you can aim to build a solid foundation for your online success.

Take advantage of our access to the latest technologies and industry best practices to ensure your website performs at its best and is optimized for speed, user experience, and search engine visibility. This way, you will surely drive more traffic, generate leads, and increase conversions.

Our Custom Showcase Service Includes

  •       Custom Website Design and Development
  •       Website Hosting Services
  •       Content Creation and Updates
  •       Ongoing Website Support

Market Your Business with a Custom Showcase Package

Our aim is to create exceptional websites that act as an extension of your business. By putting you at the center of our service, we ensure that every aspect of your website reflects your brand and resonates with your audience.

The custom showcase package is perfect for businesses that want a unique way to market themselves. You will benefit from a high level of flexibility to choose the features and functions you want on your website. The following is included in this package:

  • A completely customized website built from scratch. You can expect to receive a modern design that highlights your brand and stands out from your competition.
  • Various features to showcase your products, establish authority and convert visitors into leads.
  • Full access to your website and an expert content team to update it with relevant and engaging content.
  • Access to dedicated account managers to help you with anything you need, from website revisions to support with custom changes.
  • High-quality hosting ensures your website is fast and secure.

Proven Approach for Custom Websites

Building a successful website is collaborative. That’s why we will work with you to determine your target audience, establish your brand identity, outline the goals and content, and build a solid strategy for driving traffic.

When you choose our custom showcase website, your dedicated account manager will work closely with you from the initial design to the final review to create unique, engaging, and wholly customized websites.

Call Preparation

The first step sets the stage for a successful collaboration. Your dedicated account manager will thoroughly research your contract and business objectives to develop an initial strategy. Once that’s done, they will send you a welcome email with instructions about the “start call.’

Start Call

The start call will be scheduled within 48 business hours of the welcome email based on mutual availability. During this call, you will meet your dedicated account manager, who will oversee the entire project. They will share the initial strategy, provide an overview of the process, and then gather other necessary information like branding guidelines and content requirements.

The start call is an open discussion to share your feedback or suggestions at any point in time. Once the account manager confirms your vision, they will confirm the template, color palette, and other project details. The call aims to understand your preferences, target audience, and desired features/user experience.

Design Mockup

The design team will work after the start call to create a custom mockup for the website based on your preferences. You can see how the website will look and provide your feedback to refine the design.

Once you are 100% happy with the mockup, we will start creating a test site to showcase the functionality of the proposed website.

Staging Website Set-Up

To deliver a website that exceeds your expectations, a test website based on the mockup is set up. The test website is a secure environment where we can input content and make necessary adjustments to perfect the design and functionality of the website. This meticulous approach allows us to perfect the design and ensure that every element aligns with your vision.

Through our iterative refinement process, we continuously fine-tune the website based on your feedback. We strive for perfection to confirm that every detail is in place and every aspect of the website reflects your vision. With a polished, functional, and visually impressive website, you will surely be able to capture the essence of your brand and achieve your business goals.

Content Updates

Once the test site is live, the actual content is added in order to bring your website to life. Your dedicated account manager will be your main point of contact, guiding you through the process and working closely with you to ensure seamless content integration. They will help you:

  • Carefully transfer content from your existing website, preserving valuable information and ensuring a smooth transition. Additionally, if you have any new content to add, it will be seamlessly incorporated into the design.
  • Select high-quality images from our extensive library of professional stock photos that align with your brand identity and resonate with your target audience. These visuals will enhance your website’s aesthetics and captivate visitors.
  • Work closely with you to confirm that your website communicates who you are, what you do, who you serve, and what sets you apart from the competition.

Final Review

Before taking the website live, the account manager will schedule a call with you to review the test site. During the call, they will demonstrate the changes made to your website comprehensively. They will walk you through each modification and explain its thought process.

You can raise any content or functionality adjustments, and your account manager will make most of the edits on the spot. If your account manager cannot execute the modifications during the call, they will compile a final list of necessary adjustments for your review. These changes will be implemented in one update and shown to you for a final inspection.

Going Live

After the review and approval, your custom showcase website will “go live” after running the payment. Before launch, our team will carefully review your website using a comprehensive checklist with over 20 points. This includes reviewing the code to ensure it adheres to industry best practices, conducting a speed test to ensure the website loads quickly, and performing a final responsive check to ensure it looks great on all devices, including mobile devices. Since your website is completely tailored to your needs, this check helps us identify compatibility issues and confirm whether the website is performing as expected.

After launching the website, we will train you or your team to manage it, allowing you to take complete control and make updates as needed.

Support and Hosting

You can choose our support plan to get comprehensive support and hosting solutions. This plan is popular because it includes free website hosting, which helps your website load quickly and remain secure. You will also get ongoing support and access to new updates to improve your website’s performance

After launching the website, we will train you or your team to manage it, allowing you to take complete control and make updates as needed.

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