Insights For Businesses: What Will Our New Normal Look Like?

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Our reality has evolved immensely over the last year or so. Now, almost everything we do is through a pandemic lens. The ways in which we learn, socialize, shop, and work have changed drastically. And although many of us hope for a return to normalcy, the truth is that the lessons we’ve learned from COVID-19 will continue to shape our relationships, our employment, and virtually every other aspect of our lives.

Whether you run your own business and rely on a full-service marketing agency to get leads or you’re simply wondering what you can expect going forward as a consumer, here are just a few insights into what our “new normal” will look like.

Technological Reliance Set to Increase

Unsurprisingly, our dependency on technology skyrocketed during the pandemic. Because we were required to stay home as much as possible, we took full advantage of our mobile devices and spent an extraordinary amount of time scrolling through our newsfeeds. That’s vital information for business owners, particularly in terms of developing a digital marketing strategy. Even before the pandemic, 40% of consumers preferred businesses that engaged with customers on social media. Making sure that your lead generation services include social media management can help your business thrive post-pandemic, as our obsession with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter will only grow over time.

Remote Work Will Become the Norm

Although many businesses have reopened, that doesn’t mean that remote work options are going away. In fact, employees are now realizing that many of their jobs can easily be performed from home — and as a result, they may be unwilling to work for a company that fails to offer this type of arrangement. If your operations can be performed remotely (at least, in part), it’s a good idea to allow employees to stick with a work-from-home option when possible. This can improve employee productivity and engagement, allowing for reduced turnover in the long term. What’s more, businesses can cut costs and promote sustainable practices by allowing remote work options. If you’re eager to return to business as usual, don’t be surprised if your employees start looking for opportunities elsewhere.

Public Health As a Shared Responsibility

The pandemic has shown us the importance of community support when fighting a deadly disease. While every person has an individual responsibility to follow health and safety guidelines, it’s also clear that agencies and organizations set the tone from the top. Maintaining public well-being is now being seen as a shared responsibility, which could bring your team even closer together on an emotional (if not a physical) level. Whether your organization requires proof of vaccination from employees to return to work or you mandate continued mask-wearing for the time being, building trust and sharing those obligations may now be a top priority. In pre-pandemic times, an employee who still came to work while ill might have been seen as having a strong work ethic. Now, staying home to protect others is often seen as the conscientious and courageous thing to do.

E-Commerce Wins Out

Did you end up doing a lot of online shopping in 2020? You definitely weren’t alone. According to Forbes, e-commerce was expected to grow by nearly 20% last year. Since over 60% of all U.S. consumers said they shopped online more during the pandemic than before COVID-19, it’s obvious that e-commerce played an important role in our ability to survive. Of course, the services provided by full-service marketing agencies helped many online retailers make an impact through digital ads and SEO last year. If you’re selling goods online in 2021 and beyond, you’ll want to look into working with a full-service marketing company or even app developers to compete after the pandemic. This can allow you to meet customers where they already are: online.

With these insights in mind, it’s evident that companies across all industries will need strategies developed by full-service marketing agencies in a post-pandemic world. To learn more about how we can help, contact Studio98 today.