Web Design Trends to Consider in 2020

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In today’s world, your business is often judged by your website. Although a website that’s regularly updated and properly maintained can last for up to six or seven years without requiring a rebuild, you might decide it’s time to hire web design services sooner than that if the look of your site doesn’t reflect the future of your brand or align with current web design preferences.

Whether you want your website to stand out for its aesthetics or you want to provide a better and more inclusive experience for all internet users, you might want to consider how personalized website design can take your organization to the next level. To that end, here are just a few of the latest web design trends you may want to utilize in 2020.

Web Accessibility

When it comes to inclusiveness, your brand needs to walk the walk. And judging by the plethora of lawsuits being filed against brands for a lack of proper web accommodations, you’ll want to prioritize accessibility in your next premium website design. If your current site cannot be properly used by users with disabilities, you’re asking for trouble; not only are you hurting your brand by leaving potential customers out of the equation, but you might be creating a legal liability in the process.

When working with website design services in 2020, you should make it a point to remove all barriers for people with disabilities and make accommodations to guarantee that anyone with a permanent or situational disability can interact with your site in the same way as users with no disabilities can. At the same time, you may also want to make changes that will allow people who are injured, dealing with an illness, or who are in a temporary situation where they aren’t able to hear, see, speak, or immediately understand the content on your website to interact and use your services as intended. By prioritizing inclusivity when creating custom websites, you’ll create brand trust while protecting your company from legal action.

Dark Mode Designs

Dark mode, a feature launched by Apple and other tech companies, allows a user to toggle the background color of a given screen to black rather than white. It may seem like a simple change, but it has a number of benefits. For example, it can conserve device battery life while reducing eye strain and allowing for better sleep. As a bonus, it looks incredibly modern and sleek.

It’s only natural, then, that many companies are choosing to incorporate dark mode concepts into the design of their custom websites. Clean, white backgrounds were once the biggest trend in web design. But now, many consumers are drawn to something a little bit moodier. Web design services that focus on dark mode elements can offer something unique and sophisticated while fulfilling a practical purpose.

Mixed Media

The images you use on your website can potentially make or break your brand perception. Stock images may be adequate in some cases, but they certainly aren’t very exciting. You can take photographs to the next level by mixing them with animation or illustrations. By combining graphics with images of real people or products, you can capitalize on creativity and make your site stand out for the right reasons. Of course, you’ll want any graphics you use to align with your branding — but there’s a lot of freedom here to play with more cartoonish elements or contemporary shapes. You’ll need to work with a capable graphic designer and a firm offering web design services to bring it all together.

If you’ve been considering a website overhaul this year, you’ll want to take at least one or two of these trends into account when you hire your web design services agency. Not only will this ensure your brand stays au courant, but you’ll also improve the overall experience for visitors in the years to come.