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4 Best Ecommerce Platforms for 2021

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It’s safe to say that commerce has gone digital. With different brands and businesses all getting some online real estate, there is also plenty of competition online. The right thing to do in this scenario is to get on the best platform for your needs, and following are four of the best ones in 2021.

Big Commerce

If you are in ecommerce, you must have heard about Big Commerce at some point. It is a robust platform that comes with many great features making it easy to manage sales across a number of platforms, including Amazon and eBay.

Users rave about its uptime and good loading speeds, making it a great option for both newbies or those seeking to scale up. It has three plans to choose from depending on your store’s specific needs and size.


Shopify is another ecommerce platform that is both powerful and easy to set up. Versatile and with award-winning support, it can work for both big operations and small businesses as well.

It also offers a fast, convenient way for users to build custom websites from scratch. It has four payment plans, with the last one being a custom quote for enterprise-level stores with high volumes.


This is another platform that offers users a lot of benefits. It can be combined with other platforms to create gorgeous custom websites. These include WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace, and more.

They offer four plans, with the first one being free forever but limited to just 10 items. Starting with the entry-level plan and moving up as your store’s needs evolve is a great idea.

Woo Commerce

Last but not least, WooCommerce is a platform that an entrepreneur can customize to fit their needs. It is built on WordPress and calls for users to buy a domain name, hosting, and an SSL certificate to create a custom website. This makes it different from the other platforms on our list.

It is very popular and can be customized by downloading different extensions as is necessary. Some of these extensions are free, but others are not, so prices vary according to what you add to your store.

Custom websites are a necessity in making customers convert because 84% of people will abandon their purchase if a website seems insecure. It is important to always work with a professional who will show you what to do and what not to, so your store can realize its full potential.