4 Must-Know Strategies for Increasing Organic Traffic

As technology becomes smarter and more capable, the checks and balances also evolve alongside it, keeping progress in line. For example, as businesses fight for top spots on Google search result pages, the engine is weeding out bad sites.

One of the most important ways that Google ranks websites as credible or reliable is by the level of organic traffic.

What’s that?

Organic traffic is exactly what paid search isn’t. Sometimes, businesses will front money to drive more traffic to their website. Others will follow best practices and skillful techniques to achieve heavy traffic volume organically.

Instead of paying an arm and a leg for paid traffic, here are some tips for scoring organic web traffic in 2018.

1. Optimize Your Content

Your content should serve a purpose, and it should be a great reference or useful tool for visitors and customers. Google can recognize when content is oversaturated with junk or else doesn’t have a lot of credibility behind it.

Make sure your content is a resource that customers will want to come back to or share with others. Providing useful tips and advice or else teaching website visitors is a sure way to gain new traffic–through word of mouth and Google results.

2. Perfect Your Keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) means including specific keywords and phrases in your content to increase its chances of appearing higher on search results.

The goal is to come up with keywords (short-form) and keyword phrases (long-form) that match up directly with what customers are searching for.

For example, if your customer is searching for “best pizza in Dallas, TX,” and “best local cheese pizza deals,” you’ll want to blend these phrases. At that point, “best cheese pizza deals in Dallas” might be an excellent title for your pizza page.

3. Consider Affiliate Marketing

Another way that Google considers a site credible is if it has links that lead out to other reliable sources, and links back to your page. If you deal in law, then it might be a good idea to have links to outside references or sources for legal quotes.

Showing Google that you can offer resources while other websites consider you a resource can do wonders for organic traffic.

You can offer to host articles from affiliate organizations on your blog or write blogs for other websites. Build relationships with companies and share links to build mutual traffic.

4. Create Videos

Content has changed just as much as the internet has in the past decade. Text-rich sites are less frequent, and more and more businesses are turning to video to meet growing interests.

Just last year, Forbes states that video content represented over 70% of all internet traffic.

YouTube and Vimeo dominate the web video scene, and there’s plenty to be learned on their websites. See how you can reach your niche through video and offer audiences their favorite way of consuming information.

Need a Little Help Boosting Your Organic Traffic

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