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5 Key Factors That Influence Your Website User Experience

You would think that, after the rate at which the internet has come to define the cultural experience of modern society, the understanding of what makes a fun and usable website would be pretty well understood by people who create websites. Often times it is, but there are a number of key points that some people just forget when it comes to putting together a website that people actually like to use. To make sure you don’t fall into this trap, we are sharing 5 key factors with you that are important to influencing user experience.

1. Logo Placement

Most excellent websites place their logo at the top of the page, and towards the left. This may seem like just a simple matter of presentation, but it’s not trivial. It identifies the site clearly without obstructing or distracting from the content. Having it present in the same place on each page and having it link back to the homepage also contributes positively to usability.

2. Add a Search Bar

The search bar is a very important feature of a user friendly website. Placing it up at the top right portion of the page allows the user to comfortably find any information that is not clearly visible on the site menu. Whether your site offers premium SEO services or lead generation, this is a vital part of custom web design and functionality.

3. Steer Clear of Jargon

One amateur mistake that people make is throwing a lot of complicated terminology to try and impress the user with how much they know about their business. The customer wants to know that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to therapy, auto engineering, or whatever your business is, but the customer needs to be able to understand your content and feel comfortable ultimately deciding to contact and communicate with you. Writing content in plain, understandable language is a big part of making a user friendly website.

4. Use Visuals Wisely

One place where you have to use very good judgment is with pictures. Visual aids and photographs can be very important. I couldn’t imagine a good wedding photographer or landscaping website without great pictures. But you can easily have too many. Don’t clutter up your page with unnecessary images. Make sure that each picture is there for a reason, and says exactly what you need it to say.

5. Contact Information

One thing that just couldn’t be any more basic is making your contact information easy to find. And yet, many websites still bury it at the bottom of the home page underneath a mountain of convoluted text making it almost impossible to wade through. A contact tab on the menu bar is a simple and effective way of linking to your information, so the customer can get in touch with you. Easy, right?