5 PPC Tips to Boost Your Holiday Sales

The holidays are a joyous and magical time, full of family, feasting, and visions of sugarplums, or perhaps the latest iPhone. They’re also a time for businesses to vie for consumer dollars and make their own holiday wishes of a stellar fourth quarter come true.

What can you do to make this happen? You can decorate stores with festive holiday hallmarks, show your holiday spirit by hiring a custom website design specialist to revamp your front page, and of course, host sales and offer discounts and deals to entice shoppers.

It’s not enough to engage your current customers. You also need to focus on lead generation and nabbing consumers that might otherwise choose your competitors. This means creating a strong marketing and advertising campaign. PPC can play a big role in boosting your holiday sales. Here are just a few tips to ensure holiday cheer.

1. Prep Work

In preparation for increased traffic due to your PPC campaigns, it’s important to optimize landing pages for all devices. Make sure landing pages are relevant, featuring seasonal themes in keeping with your PPC ads.

2. Pause and Rewind

Before you launch this year’s PPC campaign, take a look back at ads and metrics from previous years. You might be able to repurpose a particularly effective campaign, or at least rework it with trending themes and keywords, to save some time and money. At the very least, you can get a refresher on what worked in the past, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

3. Discounts and Deals

It seems obvious. You and every other business will offer discounts and deals during the holiday season. They need to be part of your PPC campaign. That said, you have to practice consistency across platforms to increase the power of messaging through branding and repetition.

In addition, you cannot afford being ignorant of what competitors offer. If you both have deals on the same items, you need to know if their deals are better. You also need to see if their ads are more popular. If they’re edging you out in some way, you should adjust yours,and come out triumphant.

4. Be Flexible

Naturally, you have a budget allocated for web design, premium SEO services, and PPC campaigns. You should maintain the flexibility to continue spending on ad campaigns that are working.

If you artificially limit your spend on certain PPC, you could end up shooting yourself in the foot. Exercise caution to keep close tabs on your metrics and open up spending if it makes sense.

5. Re-Marketing

Holiday shoppers are overwhelmingly likely to let their fingers do the shopping during the busy holiday season. This means a lot of browsing and comparison shopping before making purchases. Keep your name at the top of their list by calling upon your marketing services to re-market to customers that visit, browse, and put items in their carts before leaving the site.