5 Reasons Why A Custom Website Design Beats A Template

Building a website is essential to running any sort of business or brand. We’re living in an age where an internet presence isn’t just recommended but practically required.

Seventy-nine percent of U.S. citizens shop online. People use the internet like we formerly used phone books, which means you need to get your business “listed” on the web.

Though there’s more than one way to “list” your business, and they’re not all created equal. Custom website design far outweighs generic templates.

If you’re serious about building the best website money can buy, you need to choose a custom design over web templates. Here’s why.


Website templates are just that. Templates. They aren’t unique, meaning your very same website is in use by someone else.

That means your buttons, navigation structure, banners, and general look are all the exact same as anyone else who uses that template. Lack of access to the underlying code means you’re unable to alter anything significant about your design.

Custom web designs, however, allow designers to modify every single thing about your website. This means creating a website that’s truly yours.

A unique design helps you stand out from the crowd. It shows customers you take everything seriously, down to the smallest details.

If you want customers to pay for quality, you need to show them that you’re doing the same thing.


Proving to customers that you’re willing to pay for quality helps up your credibility. People trust those who invest time, money, and effort into their own business.

And research shows that 75 percent of consumers admit that they judge businesses’ credibility based on web design. The worse the design, the less they trust a website.

This means that it’s crucial to prioritize custom web design over a standard, lower-quality templates. Just like first impressions in real life, your website gets judged by everyone who visits.

Drive Conversions Your Way

The goal of building your website is building your brand and driving conversions. Custom landing pages, an easy to navigate structure, and attractive layouts all help this become a reality.

None of that is possible when you’re using a stock template. Though with custom web design you can easily set up your website for conversion success.

Custom landing pages help you drive customers towards conversions. You’re able to design subscription buttons, information forms, and other elements to fit your specific campaign.


As we mentioned above, custom websites offer the ability to alter your code. This helps with your design and also your SEO. Your website’s underlying HTML code directs affects your SEO.

Google looks to HTML code to determine what your website is all about. That HTML is also a part of your content management system. (CMS). Custom design also allows for a custom (and better tailored towards SEO) CMS.

Built to Scale

Every business is different. You’ll grow at a different pace than a nearly identical competitor. This means your website will see unique growth as well.

Custom websites are just that, customizable. You can adjust everything and anything as your business grows. Need to add more landing pages? It’s no problem with a custom design.

Getting Your Own Custom Website Design

Designing and building your custom website is best left to the professionals Outsourcing your web design leaves more time to grow your business. Plus, web design isn’t easy.

It takes an enormous amount of time to learn proper web design. So if you’re in the market for custom web design, get in touch with us.

We’re experts at making sure your website stands out from the pack.