5 Statistics About the Benefit of Online Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is the lifeblood of your business.

But it’s challenging using only in-house resources to generate leads with success. Adopt online lead generation services to fill in the gaps where you need them most.

In B2B sales, you can’t move forward without qualified leads. These are contacts in your target audience most likely to pay for your services. You may know lots of potential companies, but not all of them are leads.

There are several methods for acquiring leads. Use content, paid traffic, and referrals to acquire their contact information. But sometimes leveraging these capabilities isn’t enough.

Online lead generation services offer the benefit of a devoted lead generation team. Rather than hire and train the team yourself, you pay other companies to manage it.

But how well do online lead generation services work? Can you count on the quality of the leads they provide? Find out below.

5 Online Lead Generation Services Facts You Need to Know

Before you hire a lead generation service, consider the following statistics. These five facts will help you understand and choose the right service for you.

1. Lead Generation Is the Top Challenge for Most Marketers

Lead generation is now the measurement of marketing success. 63% of marketers say lead generation is their top challenge. This puts pressure on marketing teams to deliver qualified leads consistently.

Marketers with limited budgets struggle with this KPI. They often lack the resources and in-house expertise to deliver. This creates a chasm between marketing and sales teams.

2. Most Marketers Lack the Resources for Success

61% of marketers claim they lack the resources for lead gen success.

SMBs often lack the staff, funding, and time to generate leads successfully. That’s because lead generation is a constant and full-time effort. Companies who cannot regularly apply resources will fall behind.

The continuity of your business depends on leads. Lead generation services can supplement your marketing efforts

3. B2B Companies Say Data Quality Is a Barrier to Lead Generation

Lead generation is arduous. Without good market data, you can’t even begin. Collecting, vetting, and drawing insights from market data is another task altogether.

Almost half of B2B companies struggle with lead generation because of data quality. Many companies lack the analytics and expertise to carry this out effectively. This puts the breaks on in-house lead generation efforts.

4. Very Few B2B Companies Are Outsourcing Lead Generation

Only 12% of B2B companies currently outsource lead gen. This applies only to telemarketing and outbound calls. It’s a small sample that indicates outsourcing lead generation is not the industry norm.

Many B2B companies don’t know how much their average lead costs. This causes reluctance to invest in a lead generation partner. But companies that do have seen new customers sign within the first week of use.

5. 143 CEOs Saw 112% – 1,751% Growth Outsourcing Lead Generation

A 2014 Gallup study showed these statistics to be true. These companies can outsource to the best lead-generation talent on the market. But their degree of success is telling across industries.

This growth shows ongoing success is possible when outsourcing lead generation. Take the right steps in selecting a dependable third party. Leveraging the right service will free up resources and ensure you have dedicated lead generation at your back.

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