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5 Ways to Supercharge Your PPC Copy

There’s a lot of strategy involved in creating ad copy for your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.This is true even if you include them as part of your overall marketing services and plan PPC in conjunction with other elements of your online campaigns. How can you create PPC copy that is going to compel conversions? Here are a few ways to supercharge copy in order to engineer the best results.

1. Be Concise and Accurate

Unlike the pages of text you create for your custom website design, your PPC ad copy is necessarily limited. This means you have to provide the most important information in a compelling format in order to get viewers to click through to landing pages.This is where you can offer additional information.

Concise, accurate, specific language is a must if you want to convey your message, elicit an emotional response, and garner click-through, lead generation, sales, and other conversions.

2. Sell Solutions

People don’t exactly want to know what your product can do. Rather, they want to know how it will make their lives better. When you can figure out the problems your target audience is struggling with and how your products or services address those issues, you can sell solutions and benefits rather than products or services.

3. Pay Attention to Keyword Suggestions

Keywords are as important to PPC copy as they are in premium SEO services. However, you may have a tight budget to compete for the most popular search terminology for your field.

Keyword suggestions, including phrases, ad groups, and more, can help you to bid for keywords that are likely to achieve more targeted results at less cost. Getting more from every penny you spend on ads is a great way to supercharge your copy.

4. Think Like a Local

Even businesses that operate on a national or international scale have to work to compete in local markets, and this is where smaller businesses thrive, survive, or fail. The good news is that living locally gives you a leg up on the competition, allowing you to focus on copy that is going to speak to other locals and garner increased results.

5. Nail Headlines

Economy may be the name of the game when it comes to writing ad copy for PPC campaigns, but you cannot afford to skimp on headlines. This portion of your copy has to grab attention and reel people in, and not just with visual trickery like a bold or colorful font. The entire substance of your pitch must be summed up in your headline – do not phone it in.