How Website Colors Can Impact Conversions

Color plays an important role in our lives. In a primal sense, the ability to differentiate colors helps us survive. We can see if meat is starting to spoil or determine which red berries are edible and which are poisonous based solely on coloration.

Aside from biological importance, there is also a psychological and emotional response to color.Therefore, it’s imperative to consider the critical role color plays in your custom website design. Color is everywhere, even when you only use black and white.You need to know how to use it for maximum impact if your goals include lead generation, sales, and other conversions.

Your premium SEO services will help prospective customers find you online, but your website has to impress if you want to ensure conversions. Here are just a few ways in which the colors you choose for your design can impact the outcome.

Understand Your Audience

Would a website selling women’s lingerie use the same colors as one selling men’s shaving products or toys for children? There’s a reason why these disparate websites feature wide variations in color schemes. It’s because they’re marketing to different demographics.

Different genders and age groups find different colors and color combinations appealing. This isn’t just speculation, either. Studies and surveys show that women, for example, overwhelmingly prefer certain colors, such as blue, purple, and green, while they tend to dislike colors such as orange, brown, and gray.

Men generally like blue, green, and black, but not necessarily purple. Our color preferences are only partially personal – they also have social connotations, as well as psychological effects. There’s a reason blue is the most popular color choice for both men and women. It is associated with peace, tranquility, and trustworthiness.

This is probably why some of the most popular websites rely heavily on blue. Just look at sites like Facebook, PayPal, Skype, WordPress, and even

Place Color with Care

Knowing when to use color is just as important as knowing which colors to choose, as both web designers and marketing services experts can tell you. Overuse of color can be just as detrimental as underuse.

Color should be used as a highlight, to draw attention. This means you’re only likely to confuse and overwhelm viewers if you use a colored background, colorful text, and other large swaths of color in your web design. If you want to have the greatest impact, color should be used sparingly and for the most important portions of your site, including your header, CTA buttons, and other items that require visual impact.