Can Memes Really Work in Social Media Marketing?

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Social media marketing is one of the biggest waves in digital marketing today. In fact, up to 40% of consumers prefer to do work with businesses who engage with customers on social media. When it comes to connecting with your customers on a personal level, few marketing campaigns do it as successfully as social media sites.

It’s no secret that memes have also taken the world by storm. These clever, humorous images/phrases appeal to cultural references and relatable situations, ensuring that they’re a hit among most demographics. Best of all, they have the potential to go viral, making them a hot commodity in the marketing world. Even your local website design and SEO company can’t ignore their widespread appeal. According to Forbes, they are an asset to marketing because of their innate ability to convey feelings, attitudes, and situations to your followers. It also shows that your business isn’t afraid to connect with their consumers on a real level.

But balancing humor with your brand image can be like walking a tight-rope. Is it possible to use memes in your digital marketing campaign? Here’s what you should know about this new marketing tool.

Memes work best on social media platforms

While you might want to include a meme on your custom website, these tools work better when they’re short-lived. That’s the beauty of a meme: they come and then they are replaced by the next hot meme in a matter of weeks. Unless you want to constantly update your website with new images, it’s better to use the fleeting essence of a social media scroll to convey your message.

After all, your primary website should be the essence of your brand. Simply adopting the attitude of a meme will do little to stick in the minds of your customers. Play around and make some splashes on social media and let your website reel in the serious fish.

Memes cannot be your only form of social media marketing

Everyone loves a clever joke, but few followers want to see humor all the time. In comedy, timing is everything. Inundating your followers and customers with meme content can become kitschy and make it look like you’re trying too hard to be “hip.” Share the occasional meme, but don’t expect these posts to speak for the brand you’ve built with a website design and SEO company.

Keep memes relevant

Some memes will always be welcome in the minds of your followers. For example, the Success Kid Meme will always be welcome when promoting a new deal at your company. But relying on new-age memes can be tricky. Before you post a potentially out-dated meme, go on your favorite social media sites to see if they’re still being shared.

Additionally, you want to be sure that you’re using the meme in the right way. Even though an image might look perfect for your company’s brand, the subcontext of the meme really guides its content. Check out to ensure that you’re using it correctly. Otherwise, you might look like a grandpa who got Facebook for the first time.

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