Design For the Present But Plan For the Future

I often ask my clients why they are redesigning their site and get an answer of, “it’s time to modernize”. I also often get asked “How can I grow into this new site?”.

As a business you have to design for the present and plan for the future in everything that you do. This is especially important when it comes to working with and thinking about your web presence.

When working in the area of web design you want to have your current needs as a primary focus, but have an idea of your future needs and make sure you are still on track with the design you are getting today.

There is no way to accurately predict the future (unless you know a really good psychic) but what you can do is lay out a general idea of where your marketing efforts will be headed in the next year or two if not longer.

Are you going to make videos you will want to show on your site? Are you going to expand your product line? Start selling things online?

If you keep an eye on the future and express your plans to your design team they can make sure they don’t solve a problem today in a way that cuts across your plans for tomorrow. There are many ways to approach building a website and if you have an idea of the future, your team can ensure they are laying the foundation of a website that can be expanded upon easily when your future plans start happening.

The beauty of having a custom built site is…’s custom! We can build the site any way you want and we can build it with your future plans in mind.

If your business is planning to step up its game for the world wide web, remember to keep in mind the growth and development you will get from having a custom showcase for your website. The possibilities are endless and when you have the right team (us, of course!) we can help you design for the present and plan for the future.