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Get In Their Heads: Tips For Writing Ads People Will Actually Want To Click On

Plenty of people tend to think of PPC marketing more in terms of quantitative data analytics than a uniquely creative part of online lead generation services. Every day, Google receives more than 63,000 searches every second. It’s a massive amount of people, but you’re also competing amongst millions of other companies who want their share of those precious ad clicks.

When you’re investing in PPC marketing, you’re paying for people to click on something that guides them to your products, services, or what-have-you. Getting them to click takes a little more creativity than merely telling someone how cool your thing is. There are tons of other things out there and if they’re being advertised better than yours, you better believe your competition is getting conversions while you’re blowing money on ineffective ads.

Ad copywriting is a combination of creativity and psychology while being a cornerstone of pay per click marketing. Let’s check out some ways to approach ad writing that’ll make people more likely to click on yours.

Stop Talking About Yourself

It’s easy to fall into the trap of self-exposition. You’re proud of your business and an expert on the products you’re trying to advertise, so this explanatory ad writing strategy comes easily. The thing is, people are self-motivated. Your ads should be addressing the potential consumers reading them, so talk to them, not about yourself or your product. Tell them why their lives will improve with your products.

Click FOMO

In an earlier post that looked at why people weren’t clicking on your ads, we discussed click FOMO. People see thousands of boring ads every day of their lives. There are so many things being advertised online that part of effective ad copywriting is creating that feeling that people are missing out on what you have to offer them. But, don’t lie to them. Be genuine and persuasive about why they’ll be missing out and that click FOMO will have them in the palms of your hands.

Use Your Space

Writing concise, effective ad copy within the character limits of ads is an art. That precious little space should be fully taken advantage of, so be sure to use all of it. Stretch that character limit to the edge, use numerals, and flex your vocabulary to fit that limit and pack a hearty punch.

Expert PPC management services know the ins-and-outs of data analysis, but will never sleep on nor neglect the importance of well-written ad copy. If you need some inspiration and help to get people to click on your ads more often, the PPC marketing experts at Studio98 are here to help you craft creative ad copy that’ll turn clicks to conversions.