How Custom Web Development Can Boost Your SEO

Chances are when you think of a custom web developer that your mind immediately goes to improving website design. While it’s true that a custom web developer can offer web design services to improve the overall look and efficiency of your company website, custom web developers can do much more for your business. In fact, professional web developers may actually be able to boost your SEO, which is over five times better for your brand visibility than paid search ads.

Digital marketing is a well-oiled machine that’s made up of various parts from premium web design to premium SEO services. When one of these parts is improved, the others tend to improve with it. Here are a few ways that a custom web developer can help to improve your website’s search engine results.

Repairing those pesky crawl errors

Errors occur on every website. But depending on the type of errors that are occurring on your site, you could be harming your search engine rankings. This is because a large number of errors on a website tells search engine crawlers that your website is poor quality and isn’t worth showing to online users.

A professional web development and SEO company can help your manage the errors on your site and catch them before they cause any serious problems. Your web developer may suggest permanent redirects for certain pages. They can also help you design an error page that’s actually nice to land on if it’s better not to redirect to a different page.

Binding JavaScript

Search engine crawlers tend to avoid hashtags and form fields. But they’re getting better at crawling JavaScript.

Web developers can help you bind the destination URL with the anchor text on your website to ensure the search engines that crawl your website are able to detect the authority and relevance of each page. Binding JavaScript creates a link that can act like plain HTML.

Improve page speed

It isn’t only keywords that Google analyzes when crawling your site. Page speed is also crucial to your website’s SERP ranking. Web development teams can help to cut back on any unnecessary information, images, or videos on your website. They can also check for duplicate content that can be deleted to help your website run faster.

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