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How Does Your CMS Relate to Paid Ads?

How Does Your CMS Relate to Paid Ads?

If you don’t know what a CMS is, please read our article on “What is a CMS?”
Online Advertising spending will surpass $83 billion this year. That’s a whole lot of 0’s.

Your CMS plays a very important role in the effectiveness of your advertising.

Sometimes people will try to run their own advertising and just send people to regular pages on their website…then wonder why they are getting no results. This is a very fast way to flush money down the drain.

Here are some ways that a good CMS can help you have a more effective paid advertising campaign:

1. Website Load Speed

Your website will get penalized by the advertisers if they drive people to your website and those people consistently leave. One of the biggest causes of people leaving right away is your website not loading fast enough.

73% of mobile users complain that websites don’t load fast enough. This results in them leaving and you end up wasting advertising dollars and missed opportunities on sales. High rates of people bouncing (coming to one page and leaving off the same page right away) results in being penalized by having to spend more per click for each person you try to get to your website from advertising platforms such as Facebook.

Fast load speed is critical to having the best results in your paid advertising campaign.

3. Mobile Friendly Also Known as Responsive

Mobile plays a big part in paid ads. Being that more people are surfing the internet on their phones than computer now, your website needs to be fully responsive, meaning it adapts to different screen sizes and devices, because you never know the size of screen someone will be visiting from.

Having a website and landing pages function well and smoothly operating will mean you can get more results out of your paid ad campaign.

2. Easily Set up Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages set up to market a specific product or service or some offer you are using to collect people’s contact information, such as a whitepaper download.

These are usually pages where you focus the attention of the person on the information about your product or service and remove any distractions, so you direct them to take you up on the offer.

Having the landing pages be easy to set up and manage will contribute to a more successful paid ads campaign.

4. Analytics

It’s really important to be able to see what people are doing on your landing pages. Your CMS should have very clear analytics for the website and landing pages and be able to tell you what people are doing on the website, the conversions you are getting on the site (people taking the action you want them to take) and the sources of this traffic.

It’s very easy to think you are getting results, but in reality be wasting significant money if you don’t have clear, simple and easy to understand analytics.

Make sure that your CMS provides this information in order to help you with your decision making on your paid ad campaign.

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