The 3 fastest ways to ruin your brand

1. Starting on a messy foundation –If your logo, the very basis of your brand, lacks professionalism, it’s ok to start from scratch. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had it, or how many promotional items you’ve placed it on, you can always start over. It is better to start making a good impression now.

2. Trying to act like someone else – We have all seen a great website and thought “I want my site to look like that!” But it’s important to focus on your brand, and stay true to it’s identity.Focus on the aspects that set your brand apart from other competitors. Make a statement that is unique and memorable to only your brand.

3. Being Inconsistent – A brand is consistent across multiple platforms. Do you have a beautiful website but lack professional photography? Do you have great content, but a website that is outdated? It’s important to send a professional message across all platforms. Here are a few items to check out to make sure they have the same feel and professionalism

– Logo

– Website

– Brochures

– Email marketing material

– Business cards

– Photography

– Content