Top Web Design Trends to Watch in 2021

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Most business owners realize that their website plays an integral role in both their marketing and their overall identity. And while merely having a website is a non-negotiable, you’ll need to invest in custom web design that impresses visitors and quickly provides them with the information they need.

We know that sites that don’t receive regular updates will typically need repairs within one or two years. But even if your site is well-maintained, you may be due for an upgrade within the next year. Whether your site is currently outdated or you’d just like to learn more about the types of web design Clearwater consumers respond to, here are a few of the top trends for 2021 that you’re likely to hear about when you obtain website design services.

Personalized E-Commerce Content

E-commerce website design services have been in demand for several years. But during the pandemic, online shopping has become even more popular. Since consumers are searching the web for the products they need on a frequent basis, those who operate e-commerce sites will want to leverage the information they’re getting from web visitors. Since many sites will collect information about the user’s location and browsing history, you can put that data to good use by displaying customized content designed to appeal to specific visitors. Rather than serve the same generic content to everyone who lands on your site, you can create personalized content for those who visit your site on multiple occasions. Appealing to this desire for customization can keep the experience fresh while increasing conversion rates.

Dark Mode Design Options

Many firms that offer website design services are now getting more requests for sites that accommodate “dark mode” on mobile devices. Dark mode is typically used to reduce eye strain and conserve device battery life, but it can also give your site a chance to really stand out in terms of modern design features. Devices and apps may give the user an opportunity to toggle between light and dark mode (or may adjust automatically depending on settings) — and now, some web browsers and sites can actually be designed to detect dark mode, too. While we’re just starting to see sites designed this way, it’s likely to become more prevalent throughout 2021.

Voice User Interfaces

A voice user interface, or VUI, permits web users to interact with websites through the use of voice commands (rather than finger taps or mouse clicks). Digital assistants like Siri and Alexa are examples of VUIs, but it’s also possible for a web design and SEO company to develop a site that uses a VUI. VUIs definitely look compelling, but it’s important that whomever you hire for website design services includes clear language about how to interact with the site and what functionality is available to those using spoken word to communicate with your site. This may sound cutting-edge, but it’s really the next logical step as voice search continues to grow.

With each passing year, new website trends emerge. While you don’t necessarily need to completely overhaul your site each year in order to incorporate these trends, it’s often a good idea to consider whether customized websites can be improved with these features — especially if the site is outdated or is no longer serving your needs. For more information on the website design services we can provide for your business, please contact Studio98 today.