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Trust Your Team

I remember as a kid when I went to summer camp we did this “trust” exercise where we were broken into groups of people. Often times we were put with people we didn’t know and then asked to fall into the crowd. Looking back it seems silly, but at the time I didn’t know who these people were and I had to trust that when I fell off the platform into that crowd they would catch me. The point of the exercise was to force you to trust the unknown and learn to trust the people that were on your team.

I often times think that when a business makes the choice to dive into or enhance their web presence they can have the same feeling, like that kid at summer camp being asked to fall into the crowd. As a business, when you pick a design team to work with, there is a lot of trust that you are handing over to that design firm.

Here at Studio98 we don’t just create boring websites, we create Showcase websites for our clients to really communicate who they are and what they do. Having a passionate team build your website makes a huge difference in how the design is going to come out.

Our Project Managers (including me) thrive in the area of pulling together all of the pieces of a website and we work to be the best we can possibly be at it. Our sales team knows it’s not just about “making the sale”, but connecting with the client and starting the process of creating something amazing. Our designers are true artists and with every design they create, they want it to be amazing for the client but also be an amazing piece of art. Our developers have trained extensively on how to take a design and use code to turn it into a website that is a pixel-perfect rendition of the designers work. This is harder than you might think, but they are expert at it and they love doing it.

When choosing a design firm, find a team who believes that working in web design is not just “a job”. As cliché as it sounds, for them, it should be a way of life and they should be passionate about helping communicate your business to your clients. This goes a long way towards promoting trust that they will handle your website with the care it deserves. People who love what they do, generally do it very well.

So if you take care when you pick your design team, pick one with passion and one that you feel you can communicate with, you will have a much easier time trusting them than those strangers at summer camp.

If you are going to get your website done right, you need to be able to trust your team.