What Exactly is a Blog?

According to Technorati (a blog search engine), in 2008 there were over 112 million blogs.More than 2 blogs are created every second of each day (circa 175,000 new blogs a day) and there are about 18.6 posts per second (1.6 million per day).

A blog is a Content Management system where you can post small articles called “posts”.There is usually a feature within blogs that allows commenting.

“Blogging” and “Blog” can also be used as a verb to mean updating or writing new content in a blog.

The word “blog”(commonly misinterpreted as coming from “business log” etc. ) was originally a contraction of “weblog” which was coined in December of 1997.

Blogs usually focus on a particular subject but can be used in multiple ways, such as:

A personal diary

An internal communication point in businesses

A interface that interacts with current and future prospective clients at a personal level

When you write a blog you don’t want to write it in a sales pitchy way, they are meant to be written in a more personal manner.People usually read blogs to get information on some subject or your company, they are going there for solid information, not to read a sales pitch.

It is also a good idea to make the blog comments required to be approved.This will allow you to monitor any comments before they are posted and help keep out spam.Negative comments from customers, etc. that are real should be handled personally and not filtered out, unless they become disruptive in manner.

There are many websites out there that offer the service of hosting your blog for free and no technical knowledge is required to set one up.The best one from our experience has been WordPress.com.Although these services are free, if you are planning on starting a company blogyou may want to hire a professional to brand and put it up on your website.

Jack Napier

Production Manager