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Why a Fresh Website Is More Important Than Ever in 2021

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We’re only a few months into 2021, which means you have plenty of time to make positive changes for the sake of your business. And if you’ve been ignoring your website design until now, this is your chance to seize an important opportunity for growth.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to have an impeccable online presence. Although we’re slowly returning to normal life, many aspects of the past 12 months will continue to impact how we learn, work, and make purchases. So if you want to see real profitability in 2021, you’ll want to get your custom website design squared away now. But why exactly is having a fresh site more important than ever?

Voice and Mobile Search Will Dominate

If you’ve wondered why you need a mobile friendly website, you may not grasp just how many of your customers are using the internet on their smartphones. Even before 2021, mobile devices accounted for a significant portion of web traffic. But now, mobile users now comprise about half of all web visitors — and that number will only grow over time. Without a responsive site, you’ll leave these customers in the lurch.

The same goes for a site that isn’t properly optimized for voice-powered search queries. Having custom website design that factors in mobile use is essential, but you can appeal to even more mobile users by optimizing for voice search technology. Adding in an FAQ page, using long-tail and local keywords, and writing conversational content can go a long way. But if your old website isn’t mobile-friendly or optimized for voice, you’ll really be missing out in 2021.

Google Cares About Page Experience

In addition to the mobile experience, Google wants to reward sites that load quickly and are easy to navigate. In just a couple of months, Google will launch its Page Experience algorithm update. This update will focus on aspects like page loading speed, site security, and overall user experience. While we don’t yet know how site rankings might be impacted, it’s important to prepare to protect your business in the aftermath. If you aren’t sure whether your site speed meets Google standards or if you’re worried that your pop-up ads might be negatively impacting mobile users, conduct a site audit and explore whether website design services might be in order before the update takes effect.

Your Customers Won’t See Past a Subpar Site

The bottom line here is that potential customers won’t typically go through with a purchase if the website is outdated or offers a poor user experience. Even customized websites will need repairs in a year or two if they aren’t updated frequently enough. And if you’ve completely ignored your need for a new website, customers will ignore your business in return. That’s especially true when more consumers are turning to online solutions to their problems. The good news is that customized websites can solve a lot of these problems while creating a stronger brand identity and overall presence online. But if it’s been years since you explored your options for customized websites, you’ll have a hard time competing in 2021.

Ultimately, there’s never been a better time for a website refresh. Even in a post-pandemic world, our reliance on digital information isn’t going to decrease. As such, you deserve a website that reflects your brand and serves your customers’ needs.