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8 Ways an Unresponsive Website Will Kill Your Online Leads

Nothing dampens the spirit more than when a potential customer responds to your Pay-Per-Click advert only to not convert into a real customer upon reaching your website. The purpose of driving traffic to your website is not just to increase the number of visitors. As a salesperson, your aim is to make the visitor a paying customer. In addition to the pain of not being able to convert the visitor, you also have to pay Google for the Pay-Per-Click conversion.

Most online leads are lost due to unresponsive websites. A website is said to be unresponsive if it cannot adapt to the device used to access it. In other words, the layout of a website will appear differently depending on the device. Responsive web design services are what you need to create a responsive website.

Unresponsive websites kill the online leads you generate in the following ways:

1. User Experience

The reason your visitor clicked on your Pay-Per-Click advert in the first place is quite simple. He or she wanted to know more about how your product or service would be of use to him or her. In other words, the visitor came to have a good experience. If your website does not impress a visitor between 3 to 15 seconds, the visitor will leave. Most visitors will not put in the extra effort to navigate a website which they find to be unresponsive.

2. Poor Readability

When a website is unresponsive, it appears on a tablet, for instance, the way it is viewed when you use a desktop. Each device used is designed differently. The layout might be great for reading on a desktop, but it will be difficult to read on a mobile device. So, if a mobile device user visits a website and finds it difficult to properly read the words due to its poor layout, the visitor will simply leave the website.

3. No Call to Action

The main aim of driving traffic to your website is to eventually convert the visitor into a paying customer. The website is supposed to entice the visitor enough to increase the rate of conversion. However, unresponsive websites fail to convert visitors into paying customers because they do not have an effective call to action on their pages. A call to action can be a sign-up form, a highlighted button, or a lead magnet.

4. It’s Not Mobile Friendly

Unlike responsive websites, which are designed by responsive web design services, unresponsive websites are not mobile user-friendly. Since they are difficult to navigate on a mobile device, Google does not rank them well. By penalizing it, the online lead that might have been generated by doing a search on Google is lost.

5. A Lack of Connection

Your website is bound to lose online leads that could convert to paying customers if it lacks any sense of connection with the visitor. What responsive web design services will tell you is that unresponsive websites do not make it easy for visitors to connect with them. Their contact forms are not properly located. They do not offer web chat services. Visitors cannot readily find a contact phone number or e-mail address. You only turn visitors into converts by reaching out to them.

6. Poor Quality Images

In this digital age, the quality of an image plays a huge role in attracting a potential customer and keeping existing ones. Google directs visitors more to websites that engage them for a long time. One of the ways to improve the online leads from Google is to use high quality images to engage visitors. This is one thing unresponsive websites lack. Besides Google, visitors are more likely to share a website’s page with good quality images among their friends.

7. Poor Navigation

Unresponsive websites do not retain a visitor for long because they are difficult to navigate. Once the visitor reads what brought him or her to the website, the unresponsive website does not encourage navigation by a visitor who has no time to spare. A visitor will easily convert if navigation is easy. This is because, while navigating around the website, the visitor finds the website pages are interesting to read.

8. Poor Content

One bit of advice responsive web design services will give is to provide quality content on your website. Due to the poor content of an unresponsive website, all the leads in the world may bring visitors to it, but they will all leave quickly. To rank well in Google and to enjoy online leads, your website should have quality content that will keep visitors engaged for a long time.