Choosing The Right Font For Your Website

When you start working on your website, you have to accept that your content will change. It’s impossible to predict what will be written in a year from now. This means the way the paragraph looks on the web page will always be changing. 

How can you be sure your website is going to look ok when the content changes? You can start by choosing practical typography. This means you choose a typeface and size that will work with an amount of content. 

The purpose of type is to have viewers read it. So it is very important you choose a typeface that was meant to be read. Some script fonts look nice, but they were NOT intended to be read as large paragraphs of text. If you want to use a script or display font, consider using it sparingly. Perhaps use a display font as an overlay for images or as a header.

Make sure you select a font that looks good at all sizes. You won’t have just one size font on your website. Think about how headers will look as well as the content. If you can read it at 100pt, and 10pt, you have selected a good typeface.

And finally, if you bold everything, then NOTHING is important. Think about what is truly the most important information. Do not be so naive to think that everything on your page is the most important. Bold text is hard to read at a small size, and will turn your viewers away.

If you select a good typeface from the beginning, you can be sure your website will look just as good when you decide to update your content.