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New Website Layouts to Try in 2015

Websites have changed a lot in the past ten years. If you look at the new design trends for 2015, you will notice that several websites are going with a non-traditional layout.

Below is a list of interesting layout designs that will inspire you to step outside the box.

Split Screen Layout

Split the screen using a vertical divide.
This layout can be useful because a website can have two primary elements of equal importance. A common approach to web design is to rank things in order of importance. This importance is then reflected in the hierarchy and structure of the design. This approach allows you to give prominence to them both.

No Boxes

In the past, a common theme in website design has been boxes. Buttons are boxed in, images are boxed in, even the navigation menu is boxed in. This is a super simplistic approach to website design. This layout really helps focus on the beauty of the product.


This layout is good when you have a lot of information to display. It helps contain the chaos. Each module re-sizes depending on the size of your screen. This layout is very intuitive. It helps viewers consume a lot of information without feeling overwhelmed.

New website designs are a constant evolution. These are some ideas to keep in mind next time you are looking at redoing your website or wanting to build a new one.