SEO Strategies That’ll Make Construction Websites Stand Out In A Crowd

About 14 million small businesses in the United States have invested both time and money into SEO because they recognize its value. If you’re not among that cohort, we’re here to change your mind.

Among small business, every product, service, and good is different, thus optimizing construction websites will be different from optimizing online shops or food blogs. SEO isn’t all created equal and every niche has to exploit different things to reap the benefits of good optimization. We’re going to explore what construction websites need to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd.

Targeted Keywords

The beginning. Construction websites across the country have all sorts of different specialties, services, etc. If your specialty is exterior remodeling, but you haven’t optimized your keywords beyond “construction”, you open yourself up to wasted traffic. Target your keywords to strongly focus on the services your construction company provides. This way you are avoiding traffic looking for something more general or services you don’t provide.

Good Niche Content

Content is still the king of SEO. Construction websites need to focus their content on being an industry expert on whatever niche is their specialty. We emphasized the word good because just churning out subpar content won’t cut it. Google is too smart and your search rank will suffer if your content is haphazardly hashed together. Make it relevant to your audience and your services, and make it beautiful.

Local Search

Few construction companies are national and the ones that are aren’t worried about smaller companies in the search ranks. Thus, whatever locale your construction company works within is where you should target. Local search is important because without optimizing for local search, someone in Maine might land on construction websites that only serve Greater Los Angeles. And that is a wasted lead that you could’ve optimized away from your site by local search audience targeting.

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