Some Like It Fast

A well-oiled and working machine works efficiently and quickly. Snags and slip-ups are avoided, and project are completed in a timely fashion.

Some people feel that technical things need to progress slowly (like websites). If you were used to projects moving at a snails pace, technical issues, and overall hair-pulling-frustration, the idea of anything moving quickly would seem very alien. You could probably find yourself subconsciously putting on the breaks and saying to yourself “Whoa there, this is moving TOO fast”.

People who know their craft can perform with a speed that can mistakenly be associated with poor quality and negligence (funny how that works).

For example:

You pay an IT company hourly to troubleshoot some server issues. They finish it in 4 hours.

Was their work:

A) Fast and efficient


B) Of poor quality and negligent?

You pay that same IT company by the project and they finish it in 4 hours.

Was their work:

A) Fast and efficient

B) Of poor quality and negligent


C) Overpriced

Those are very tricky questions. Here are some key questions to ask yourself during the course of any speedy project :

  • Are your questions and concerns being addressed?Someone should be taking the time to “put your fears to rest”. Professionals explain what they do and make it easy to understand, they don’t ignore your questions.
  • Are you getting what you want?There can be a flurry of activity, but the real tell-tale sign is the results. Can you see the the vision you had coming to life? If you are supposed to have a shopping cart, is there a shopping cart?
  • Is the team you are working with goal oriented?The mark of a good development team is their focus on moving projects along and getting them finished. You want people that know what they are doing and guide you to the light at the end of the tunnel. There is nothing worse than a team that asks you “So what’s next?”

Don’t be afraid of fast and efficient service.

So the question is how do you like your projects, fast or slow?