The Top 3 Benefits of Custom Made Websites

custom made websites
Anyone who’s trying to sell you WordPress will tell you that 27% of the Internet is currently powered by WordPress (about 75 million websites in all).

Here’s the problem: if 75 million websites are using WordPress, that means there are 75 million websites in the world that will look a lot like yours.

You don’t want to blend in. You want to beat out the competition. And you certainly can’t do that with a cookie cutter website.

Here are three reasons why custom made websites will set you apart (and boost your business in the meantime!)

1. As Unique as Your Brand

If you have a website that looks like everyone else, people will think your business is just like everyone else. You know that’s not true, but how do you show it?

With a website that’s just as unique as your business, obviously.

If you’re an enterprising business owner, you know that brand development is about more than a logo and a catchy slogan. Your brand needs meat. It needs style. It needs substance.

A form website builder might give you the illusion of uniqueness by letting you play around with the details. But a custom website doesn’t have any of those restrictions–it’s built to your specifications, down to the first line of code.

And that means that no one will have a website just like yours.

2. Search-Engine Friendly

Of course, that uniqueness doesn’t just make your creative heart happy. A custom website keeps search engines happy, too.

A free website from a form builder is designed to give you a more-or-less functional website, not a site that search engines will like. You can work in SEO, sure, but it’s all on a surface level.

Then, there are custom websites. A web designer and SEO specialist can work together to implement deep technical SEO right into the fabric of your website, which means your site is literally designed to scale the SERPs more easily.

Also, a custom design makes it easier to work in front-end SEO, which keeps Google happy and the customers rolling in.

3. Scalability and Flexibility to Stay Current

Finally, a custom-built website allows you the scalability and flexibility to stay current on new changes in your business and your industry.

As a business owner, you know that your business has to grow naturally. A custom made website can be a pivotal component of that growth–if you play your cards right and get a website that can grow with you.

Custom websites offer a level of scalability and flexibility that’s impossible to find in a website builder, as a web designer can make modifications to your website based on your specifications that allow you to handle more business every day.

Ready to Make the Most of Custom Made Websites?

With all these advantages to custom made websites, the real question is: why don’t you have a custom website yet?

If you’re scratching your head and uncertain why you don’t have the best site for your business yet, we can help clear things up for you.

We’ve completed over 4,000 projects and offer comprehensive services to over 1,500 clients each month. So when we say we know web design, we mean business.

Because when you want your business to succeed, you won’t settle for anything less than the best.

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